Happily Ever After

Avery has a perfectly normal life until her and her boyfriend, Harry Styles, get invited to an old best friends birthday party. Avery will have to live the next 18 years with her precious gift, but what happens when she has her worst nightmare. Is it just a dream or is it her future?"


23. Niall's Birthday!

Avery's POV

I woke up in Harry's arms, he was playing with my hair. "Morning Beautiful." he said smiling. I smiled and walked into
the kitchen to find Anne cooking breakfast. "Morning sweety, are you better?" she said cutting up bread.
I smiled watching Harry walk down the stairs. She turned her head to Harry and giggled at me. "I'm guessing
thats a yes" she laughed. "I hope so" Harry said kissing me. "Hey mom were going to have a party here for
Niall's birthday, ok?" Harry said picking up a peice of toast. "Ok thats fine I will be cleaning out Gemma's room so
i want bother you all." she said emptying the crumbs of toast off my and Harry's plate and into the garbage.
I headed upstairs to get some more rest before Niall's party just in case I doze off or something during the party.

I woke at 3:00 so only a few minutes before Niall's party. I could here Harry talking to Louis downstairs. I got up and
put on some casual clothes and added a little makeup not to much to look like I overdosed. I walked downstairs to find all
the boys including Niall. "Hey" i said holding onto the rail as i walked down the stairs. "Hey" they said continuing
their conversations they were in before I interrupted. I walked over to Niall and gave him a hug and told him Happy
Birthday and sat by Harry. We ate cake and opened presents and talked awhile. "Hey lets watch a movie" Harry said.
He put it in and came back over to sit beside me. Anne walked down to grab some nails and hammer, "Hey mum can you grab
some drinks?" Harry asked. She ignored us and walked back upstairs "Must be important, Babe can you grab us some drinks?"
he said looking at me. I laughed and walked into the kitchen. As soon as I opened the door, I felt a clash of water drop
to the floor. "HARRY!" i screamed. He ran in with a worried look. He saw the puddle on the floor, "MUM!!" he yelled.
I fell grabbing my stomach. I felt Harry catch me and pull me back up. Everyone in the living room was staring worried
sick. Me and Harry walked to the front door grabbiing our coats. Anne ran downstairs catching everyone leaving.
"Mum meet us at the hospital!" Harry yelled. We jumped in the car followed by the rest of the group. Harry grabbed my
hand and drove. Louis grabbed my other hand from the back seat. "It's ok, love" he said reassuring me every 5 minutes.
We arrived at the hospital and the nurse wheeled me in a wheel cchair into my room. "We will come back in 30 minutes
to deliver her, okay Mrs. Avery?" she said closing the door. I nodded and looked at Harry. "You ready?"

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