Happily Ever After

Avery has a perfectly normal life until her and her boyfriend, Harry Styles, get invited to an old best friends birthday party. Avery will have to live the next 18 years with her precious gift, but what happens when she has her worst nightmare. Is it just a dream or is it her future?"


21. Memories of us

Avery's POV

Their performance was great! I guess this concert they wanted to change up some lyrics! I was walking to the
back stage to give Harry a hug and a kiss to tell him he did a great job it was very hard getting through because
of all the fans that were trying to get to the boys. I walked to see Harry just in time to see him kissing
another girl. I didn't know who it was but i ran, i ran as fast as I could out the doors. I had no clue where
I was going but i was going somewhere. I walked for about 10 minutes to the airport that was right down the
road from the arena and boarded the plane back to England.

Harry's POV

"Come on Harry we have to go to the interveiw now" Louis said. "No! wheres Avery?" i said sternly with my eyebrows
raised. "I don't know Haz, I haven't seen her but we have to go!" he screamed. I shook my head and walked out.
"What are you doing Harry!" he said Louder. "I am going to find Avery." i yelled back. I walked out the door and got
into the car. The first place i went to was the hospital in case she went into labor at the concert. "Nope i'm sorry
sir, no Avery Styles." she said nicely i sighed and went back to the car. "Where could she be?" i said hitting the door of
the car. I drove back to the hotel to see if she went to go get something. I walked in and she wasn't there. I pulled out my
phone to text Louis and see if they had spotted her yet. <Hey man iv'e checked everywhere she could be and she's not
anywhere, have you seen her? -Harry>   <No i haven't sorry. -Lou>  I went on to twitter to see any post of if my fans have
spotted her. I saw a picture of that fan that ran up and kissed me. I sighed and tweeted:
Harry_Styles @Avery_Styles where are you, my love?

I jumped on the bed tears falling from my face.

Avery's POV

The plane landed at midnight. I called Anne and told her to pick me up. It was about 12:23 when she arrived. She had
drove up in Harry's audi which made me cry even harder. She ran up to me grabbing my shoulders and skimming down body
making sure I was ok. "What Happened?" she asked "I-i saww Harr-y kiss-ing another g-irl." I said sobbing into her shoulder.
She gave me a hug and put her arm around my back leading me to the car. I got in and smelt that wonderful cologne he
always puts on, it only made me cry worse. The picture in the center of his car of me, and Kenli's ultrasounds.
The notes we always wrote eachother in school were in his consol that Anne was going through the whole time.

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