Happily Ever After

Avery has a perfectly normal life until her and her boyfriend, Harry Styles, get invited to an old best friends birthday party. Avery will have to live the next 18 years with her precious gift, but what happens when she has her worst nightmare. Is it just a dream or is it her future?"


24. Kenli Styles

Avery's POV

The nurse came back in 10 minutes later. "Okay Mrs. Avery were going to deliver now." she said writing in her clipboard.
"You said 40 minutes?" Harry stood. "The baby does what it wants." she told us setting down her clipoard. I smiled
at Harry and grabbed his hand. "Okay, you can only have 4 people in here." she told us. "Okay lets see ummm....
Harry, Anne, Gemma, and Louis." i said looking at Harry. Everyone left but the ones that were staying.
I grabbed Harry and Louis's Hand and squeezed them. Anne and Gemma grabbed my legs. "Okay when i count to 3 your going
to take deep breathes and push okay Avery?" the doctor said getting ready. I nodded and went along. "1..2..3.. push Avery."
I breahed and pushed, I'm pretty sure i bruised Louis and Harry's hands for life. "2 more times, 1...2... 3.. push."
I did the same and felt more pressure. Harry moved hair out of my face "1 more time sweetheart" he said smiling.
"1...2..3.. push" he said for the last time. I heard a loud cry and Harry and Louis released. A few minutes later
The nurse came back with Kenli and laid her on my chest. "Oh my God Harry she looks just like you!" i said through
my tears. He picked her up playing with her hair that she got from Harry. I wiped the tears off my
eyes and rolled over to see Louis smiling. "Your going to be great parents!" he whispered in my ear. "Thanks" i smiled

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