Happily Ever After

Avery has a perfectly normal life until her and her boyfriend, Harry Styles, get invited to an old best friends birthday party. Avery will have to live the next 18 years with her precious gift, but what happens when she has her worst nightmare. Is it just a dream or is it her future?"


13. I love you.xx

Avery's POV

We got back at the house, Harry called Anne and Gemma and I went upstairs to get some rest. I have been very tired for 3 days not getting any rest because of
being sick. I heard Harry walk in the room i pretended to be asleep just to see what he would do. He walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower. He walked
back out before getting in and kissed me on the forehead. I smiled "I love you Harry" i told him. He smiled "I love you too Ave."


This was a very short chapter! I hope you are liking so far.
Again i'm sorry for the short chapter! Love you all!

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