Note To Self

Jesse has a perfectly normal life until her and her boyfriend, Noah, get invited to an old best friend's birthday party. Jesse will have to live the next 18 years with her precious gift, but what happens when she has her worst nightmare. Is it just a dream or is it her future?


7. He left me......


Avery's POV

It had been two days since I found out I was pregnant and i was fixing to go pick up Harry from the airport.
I arrived at the airport and it was pretty busy. Just the usual, paps, fans, and a load more of security. I ran up to Harry and squeezed
him tight. "I missed you soooo much." i said to him. "I did too!." he said swooshing his hair. We walked out the doors and into the car. I was planning on telling
Harry the news on the beach where we usually go to talk about our past and news. He noticed where we were going and looked at me with
an excited face. We got hand in hand walking down the beach, and sat in the sand with a blanket huddled around us.
"I'm so ready for Christmas he said looking at the waves forming along the sand. "Harry, I have to tell you something."
I said a little panicy. "Yes? He turned around facing me. I reached out and grabbed his hands. "Harry?" this time
worried. "Mhm?" he said still waiting for me to tell him. "Harry, I'm pregnant." He jerked his hands out of mine and raised
his eyebrows. "WHAT?" he said sternly he had never yelled at me. "I'm Pregnant" I whispered. "HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?!" He yelled. "I DONT KNOW WHY YOUR YELLING, I TRUSTED YOU!, THIS ISN'T MY FAULT!" I screamed at him. "You know what?, I just need sometime to think about this." He said shaking his head and walking past me. "TIME TO THINK?! I'VE DONE THE BEST TO BE THE GREATEST GIRLFRIEND! AND YOUVE DONE NOTHING! IF YOU REALLY LOVED ME YOU WOULDN'T LEAVE ME! HERE I WON'T BE NEEDING THIS!" I took off the necklace and threw it at him. I stood up and took off running towards the car with tears streaming down my face.

"I actually thought he really loved me, he's gone, he left me"



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