Note To Self

Jesse has a perfectly normal life until her and her boyfriend, Noah, get invited to an old best friend's birthday party. Jesse will have to live the next 18 years with her precious gift, but what happens when she has her worst nightmare. Is it just a dream or is it her future?


15. Happy Birthday

Avery's POV

It has been 2 months since the crash. El was off life support and survived. Harry was out with Liam doing something
that they wouldn't tell me about, and I was at home watching TV and drinking Hot chocolate. I got a text from Harry
saying <Come to the beach I have to tell you something Love -Harry> i wondered what it was. I got a little worried
but got up anyway and went down to the beach to see a few people. I got closer to see Liam, Niall, Louis, and Harry.
There was a large table with a cake on it and some drinks. "Surprise!" They all said. Harry walked up to me and gave me
a kiss. "Happy Birthday Sweetheart" he said hugging me. "Thanks" i said. It was my 20th birthday and I wasn't quite excited
this year because I was carrying a baby and I was sick all the time. Liam walked up and gave me my present "Aww thanks guys
but you didn't have to get me anything!" i told them. "Yes we did its yoour birthday, sis!" Louis said giving me a hug
I opened Liam's present it was a Neclace with my favorite team emblembed on it in diamonds. "Oh my gosh Thanks Liam!"
I said excitingly. Louis walked over and gave me two presents "One is from me and the other is from Zayn" Louis told me
Zayn hasn't talked to anyone since Perrie died. "Thanks" i directed. I opened Zayns first, It was a 50 dollar Itunes card.
"Tell him I said Thanks." I told Louis. "I will" he said rubbing his hair. I opened Louis' next. It was a new Iphone.
All these gifts were pretty expensive. "Thanks Lou, I've been needing this." i told him hugging him. "Your Welcome."
Niall walked over and handed me his. It was a sparkly Iphone case for the new phone Louis gave me. "Thanks Niall!" i said
"Your welcome." WE ate cake and sat bye the beach and talked. Liam and Louis had to leave early to go and check on
El and Dani, and Niall went with them. It was just me and Harry. He unwrapped the blanket from around him and put it
around me. He turned around and pulled out a small balck box and opened it. There was a beautiful diamond ring inside.
"Avery Sage Brooks, will you marry me?" he said smiling. I started to cry. "Yes, Harry, I will marry you." i said in tears

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