Note To Self

Jesse has a perfectly normal life until her and her boyfriend, Noah, get invited to an old best friend's birthday party. Jesse will have to live the next 18 years with her precious gift, but what happens when she has her worst nightmare. Is it just a dream or is it her future?


25. Bestie Bonding

Avery's POV

It has been one month since Kenli was born. I haven't been sleeping real good because of her wanting something or
needed to go to the bathroom. I either wake up because of her cries or my nightmares. Harry is always on tour and
I will be going with him to the X-Factor production concert they are holding there when Kenlis old enough.
Thats why I have Anne and Gemma because they have been through it before. Today Jordan was coming over to check on
me and see Kenli. I had to go and get a shower before she came over but i had no one to watch Kenli. So i brought her
into the bathroom with me and sat her in her car seat and gave her some toys. I got in making sure to check on her
every 5 seconds. Before i knew it i was done and ready for her to come over. I got on my phone to see 2 unread
messages. <I miss you! tell ken i love her! -Harry>  and  <I will be over in 5! -Jordan> I grabbed Kenli out
of her car seat and craddled her in my arms like Harry used to do to me. Kenli was so cute she looked exactly
like Harry. She had his curly brown hair and my crystal blue eyes. She had Harry's smile and dimples which thats
the most favorite thing i like about her. For some reason she had my moms nose. i laughed and sat her on the couch
as soon as I heard the door bell ring. "Hey!" she said walking in. "Hey, I haven't seen you in months." i said
over thinking it. "I know!" she said spotting Kenli on the couch. "awww she's so cute, i know i haven't seen
Harry since High School,but Kenli looks just like him." she said holding her. "I know" i told her  as we talked
more, taking turns holding her.

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