Happily Ever After

Avery has a perfectly normal life until her and her boyfriend, Harry Styles, get invited to an old best friends birthday party. Avery will have to live the next 18 years with her precious gift, but what happens when she has her worst nightmare. Is it just a dream or is it her future?"


8. apologies

Avery's POV

It had been 1 week since me and Harry had been seeing eachother and Christmas was just around the corner.
I was 1 month i found out after going to the doctor. Jordan was still at my house making sure I was okay.
She didn't want me being alone and doing everything while being pregnant. My phone rang and I went to answer
it was Anne. Should i answer? showing Jordan who it was. she shrugged her shoulders moving on to cutting her
apples again. "Hello?" i answered "Hey Avery! Gemma is in the hospital shes in labor and wants you to be here
with her!" she said panicy. "Ok i'll be there right away!" I said a bit worried. I grabbed my coat and put on my
shoes. "Where are you going?" Jordan asked "I have to go meet Gemma at the hospital!".  I hopped in the car and turned on the radio 'The Way' By Ariana Grande was on. I teared up, this was mine and Harry's favorite song.
 I wanted to see him terribly but i was mad at him for what he done, walking out on me leaving me
pregnant in middle for me to find out which way to go. I got out the car raceing into the hopital telling the nurse who
i wanted to see. I walked in Gemma's room seeing alot of familiar faces even Harry's. "Heyyy" she said jerking at her
stomach. "oohh contraction?"i said jokingly. "Yeah It hurts a lot." I smiled at her and walked over and sat by Anne. She rubbed
by back and whispered in my ear. "This isn't right, I'm very mad at Harry, its not your fault sweetheart." she said. I smiled and carried on flipping
through my twitter. There was alot of hate but I had no clue they knew about me being pregnant unless Harry told. There were
links such as:


I scrolled on down to see Harry's tweet.

@HarryStyles: We can do this together. Together Forever. @Avery_Brooks

I looked up to see Harry staring at me.
I quickly looked back at my phone. I felt something grab my arm and pull me into the hall.
"Look Avery! I'm sorry I left you, I left when you needed me the most and I through you out on the street for you to handle, I can't loose you, I'm so sorry I really am, I just didn't think it was really happening and needed it to sink in. sorry." he said trying not to cry as much as I wanted to.
I felt his arms wrap around me and squeeze tighter. "Were gonna do this together" he whispered in my ear. "I love you Harry, I certainly don't know what I would do without you" I squeezed him back. "You best be needing this" He wrapped the necklace back around my neck and kissed me as if nothing had ever happened.

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