Shania moves to Australia she becomes friends with the Janoskians and also becomes a member of them and will she fall in love with one of them read to find out


1. 1

Shanias POV

Here i am on Melbourne airport waiting for a taxi because i moved from London to Melbourne why? Because my parents have a new job i am happy that i allready finished school so i dont have to go to another school

Arrived at the new house

my room is nice i have my tv and my xbox kinect and a normal bed i was just looking out of the window there were 5 boys doing silly things one of them noticed me he smiled i smiled back he did a signel that i should come so i walked downstairs picked my coat and putted it on

"I am outside mommie"I said

"Ok i will text you when dinner is ready" she said

"Ok bye" i said and walked towards the boys

"Hi i am luke this is Jai my twin that is Beau my older brother and that are james and daniel" Luke said

"Ok my name is Shania i just moved here" I said

"Ok well welcome we are together the janoskians andwe make silly youtube videos we are making one right now wanna join?" Beau asked

"Yeah why not what are we gonna do?" I asked 

"We are going to do Ellen's Dance Dare" Jai said

"OMG yeah let me get my ipod" I said running to my house when i had my ipod and my earphones i walked out of my house and saw the boys waiting in the car there was no place left so i needed to sit on Lukes lap

"Who's car is this?" I asked

"Mine you like it?" Beau said

"Yeah" I said while putting my earphones in

"What are you listening?" Luke asked

"Olly Murs ft Flo Rida Troublemaker its my favorite song"I said

"Yeah its a good song" Luke said

"WE ARE HEREEEEE" James screamed i just laughed

We were inside the mall first was Beau then skip,me.luke,james and jay 

It was my turn I did a foolish dance which I always did with my friends the boys laughed silently 

ok I was done  after all of us were done we did the macarena together and went to my house and just chill Luke and I were left behind because the other went to the shop to get chips and coke we were talking about the video we were watching it so we sat close becaus else i couldnt see anything I had my head on his shoulder I just looked him in the eyes his eyes were beautiful he looked back into mine we became closer and closer then our lips met i felt sparkles and fireworks we pulled back.

"Shania i know we only met like 1 hour ago but will you please be my girlfirend?"Luke asked

"Yes I love you Luke" Just when I said that the boys ran in but Luke didnt notice that

"I love you to Shania" Luke said 

Luke still didnt noticed the boys so i pointed at them 

"Care to explain why Luke said that he loved you to?"Skip said

"uhm we are kind of a couple"Luke said

"I KNEW IT I KNEW IT" Jai screamed and jumped up and down

"Ok" i said

the boys were watching a movie I walked in the kitchen to get some pepsi i took the pepsi and was sitting on the counter Luke walked in and took my pepsi

"HEY thats my pepsi!" I said still sitting on the counter

"You want it back?" Luke asked

"Yah" I said

"Then you need to give me something" Luke Said

"What do you want Lukie"

"A Kiss"

I walked over to him and gave him a passionate kiss his tongue asked for entrance I let it in without any hesitation 

"AAAH NASTY" Skip screamed

"Shut up"I said

Me and luke walked out of the kitchen with hans intertwined

after the movie was finished the boys went home except for Luke he wanted to sleepover when I stood up I was attacked by Lukes lips i putted my hands around his neck he didnt put his hands down my spine nope he putted his hands on my ass.

"I love you Luke Brooks" I said

"I love you to Shania Monroë"

We looked some cartoons I got tired

"Babe I am tired I am going to sleep are you also going to sleep or not?" I said

"I am also quite tired so where am I going to sleep?" Luke asked

"Where do you want to sleep?"

"I thought maybe in your bed"Luke said

"Ofcourse come I really wanna sleep" I said while walking upstairs 

I changed in my pajamas and jumped in bed and went to sleep with Lukes arms wrapped around me.

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