poem for you(:

this is a poem i made for a certain 5 boys. ja feel? ;D


1. here it goes(:

You said just because you don't a have a prince doesn't mean your not a Princess.

This kind of feeling is more of a sickness.

You are my prince.

please take these hints.

No matter what you do.

I will always be there for you.

I'll wait for you as long as the moon shines bright in the sky.

I know that you're my kind of guy.

I'm falling for you eyes but they don't know me yet.

And when they do you'll say three words you wont regret.

They all say to forget you and you'll fade away.

But they don't know that I'm here to stay.

I think the reason I fell for you is so clear.

 True to yourself my dear.

One day it'll be more than just a dream.

Cause I'm falling for you to an extreme.

You seriously don't know how much you mean to me.

And I wish you knew that

we're meant to be.

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