You're Amazing Just The Way You Are

Katie was living in Canada with her cupcake business thinking that was all she would do for the rest of her life. But when One Direction walks into her shop. Things get out of control. In "You're Amazing Just The Way You Are" there is love triangles, drama, and comedy. Please enjoy!


1. Hi :)

Hi! Thank you for opening up to this story! Just to let you know this is my very first fanfic! I have done lots of research so I think I've got it down...maybe! Sorry this might ruin the whole base of the story but I dont know. I will try to make it as great as possible for all you readers out there! Love ya :)

Oh ya ALSO! 2 things! One these will be PROLONGED! Which means it won't be updated lots! I will try my best! Hopefully.... 2nd thing! I do apologize for any misspells or grammar or other mistakes in this story. My Writing teacher said it actually really helps to write lots of stories on a regular basis to help! So do excuse it...

P.S. Don't send messages saying it was terrible and awful!

Also if you have a personal question about the story you can contact my kik at special_teenager

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