Letting Go

Alex has been in love with Niall since they were twelve years old. Little does Alex know that he feels the same. Will they finally become a couple? Will Niall's upcoming fame tear them apart? Will this turn into a happy ending, or become and unforgettable tragedy?


13. You Can Pull Through This

Harry was asleep next to me. I sit up and look around my new 'room'. The walls were brown and the floors were hard wood. It was huge and so was our bed. I got up and opened the door, there was a long hallway with doors on the side. The staircase was at the end of the hallway. As I started walking I noticed all the pictures on the wall. Of him when he was younger, family, the boys of course, and awards. I reached the staircase and peered down to see who was up. I looked down to see Niall sitting alone eating and watching tv. I smiled and walked downstairs. I jumped in his lap and he wrapped his arms around me.

"Goodmorning Niall!" I said with a big smile on my face. He looked at me and smiled, and hugged me tighter.

Niall's P.O.V

I looked into Alex's blue eyes, she was so beautiful. Although I was happy her and I are still as close as we always been, I was still in love with her. Everytime I see her face, I just want to kiss her. It's hurts so much everyday knowing that we can't be together, but I still keep a smile on my face everyday so she can be happy. Alex sat in my lap and I held her tight. It felt good to just hold her.

"Goodmorning Alex" I say back to her with a smile. She rested her head on my chest and watched tv. I wanted so badly to just tell her how I felt.

"How did you sleep?" I ask looking down at her. She lifted up her head and looked at me.

"Alright, I guess." She said smiling at me. She looked so perfect, like an angel. I wish I could just push a button and rewind, I could have stopped her. I could have saved our relationship. I shouldn't have trusted Harry around her. It was all my fault.

Alex's P.O.V

I looked up at Niall and he just stared into my eyes. His eyes were so gorgeous. He looked at me and just stayed silent, and I did the same. I didn't understand what was going on, everything happened so fast and unexpected. Niall closed his eyes and leaned his head down. I leaned up and he kissed me. His lips were soft and warm. We kissed for hours it seemed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we continued to kiss. I pulled away and pecked his lip one last time before pulling away again. He looked into my eyes with lust and wrapped his arms around me. I rested my head on his shoulder and looked down at his stomach. I couldn't fight the feelings I still had for him. I was in a love triangle and was so confused. It felt right being in Nialls arms, but I looked down at my stomach and was reminded of my love for Harry. I got up and walked to the bathroom.

Niall's P.O.V

I had forgotten how amazing it felt to kiss Alex. I missed her lips so much. I wanted to be with her so bad, even if it meant hiding things from Harry. I was so deeply in love with Alex, I'd do basically anything just to make her happy.

Alex's P.O.V

My mind was buzzing with thoughts and feelings. I was definantely in love with Niall. I didn't understand why I had to be in a situation like this. I looked into the mirror at my stomach. My baby bump gotten even bigger, I felt so fat. It looked as if someone stuffed a basketball in my stomach. I walked out the restroom and sat next to Niall who was staring into the tv. I felt a buzz in my pocket so I reached inside and took out my phone. I had a text message, it was from a number I've never seen before. I opened it curiously.

"Do you think I am stupid? I'm going to find out where you are. You better sleep with one eye open. -B"

My heart began to pound. How did this person get my number? I was so scared.

"Niall! Niall look!" I scream up to him giving him my phone. He jumps and takes the phone from my hand. His face turns even more pale then it already was.

"Who is this person and how did they get your number?" He says with a worried expression on his face. Tears filled my eyes and my head crashed on his chest.

"I don't know but this is getting creepy, and my due date is coming up soon! What if she hurts my son?" I said beginning to sob.

"Alex, it'll be okay. No one is gonna let you get hurt." He said holding me tight. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I looked up to see Harry and Liam walking down. Harry looked at me with a confused face.

"Babe, what is wrong?" I wiped my tears and ran into his arms.

"Harry, that person has my number, this is getting frightening!" He holds on to me and kisses my forehead.

"It's okay, no one is going to hurt you." He assures me.

"But with the baby coming soon, I'm scared." I cry in Harry's arms.

"It's almost like anywhere you are, this person is going to find you and it's getting dangerous." Liam says sitting on the couch.

"Harry, what are we going to do?" I say looking up to Harry. He sighed and looked around.

"I'm not sure, but we need to leave. It's not safe here."

"Well where are we going to go?" I said sitting at the table.

"We go to my house, in Holmes Chapel. We can stay with my mom." Harry says sitting down. "We can go tonight." He says leaning back in his seat.

"Well I want to go with you guys, to make sure Alex is okay." Niall says looking at Harry.

"Well I suppose if you really want to." Harry says getting up and going up stairs.
About an hour passed and I walked upstairs to gather my items together. I folded all my clothes and double checked that I didn't leave anything. I looked at Harry who had all the suitcases.

"Let's go love" He says walking out the room. We meet Niall in the living room who was carrying suitcases. We said goodbye to Liam and hit the road. We started driving and before I knew it I fell asleep.
I was awakened by Harry's yelling.

"She's behind me!"

"Harry drive faster!" Niall yells. I lift my head up and look back. There was a truck right behind us.

"What's going on?" I yell.

"there is someone trying to hit us!" Niall said turning to me.

"What? Who!" I say in fright.

"I'm not sure but she's driving up to the side of us." I was sitting on the left in the back seat and I could see headlights coming up from the right side. The truck caught up to us and drove dangerously close. I screamed in fright.

"Harry!" I screamed before the trucked rammed us to the side. The car flipped over and started rolling threw the woods. It came to a stop by ramming into a tree. The car was right side up and I could barely lift my head up. I felt blood dripping from my forehead. I looked over at Niall and Harry who weren't moving.

"Harry! Niall!" I screamed. Harry turned and looked at me.

"A-Alex, are you okay?" There was blood all over him.

"I'm fine, is Niall okay?" Harry turns and shakes Niall. He didn't even budge, my heart sank. I un buckled my seat belt and scooted up.

"Niall! Niall wake up!" I screamed shaking him. His head fell foward and blood dripped onto his lap. I began to cry.

"NIALL!! PLEASE WAKE UP!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. At this second I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I looked down to see my pants soaked, as if I peed on myself.

"Harry oh my god I think my water broke." I said laying down in the back seat.

"You're not serious!" Harry turned around looking at me. I screamed out in pain, the baby was surely on his way. Harry quickly pulled out his phone and called an ambulance. Before I knew it, a group of people with gerney's ran up to the car. They lifted me onto one of them, and Niall on the other. Harry followed me into the ambulance car and they took Niall into the other. We arrived at the hospital and me and Niall were rushed into the emergency room. Once we got in Harry held my hand as they sat me down into the bed.

"Okay, it looks like you're ready here. Push!" I pushed as hard as I can and I started to sweat. The cramps got evenn worse.

 "I can see the head!" I heard one doctor said.

"Push one more time!" I pushed again and my ears were filled with with screaming. I looked over to see the doctors holding my baby. Harry looked at him and cut the cord. The doctors took my baby away and cleaned him up. Before I knew it, the doctors handed my son. I looked down at him, he was so beautiful. He looked just like his father. His eyes were closed and he had tiny swirls of hair.

"He looks just like you." I said smiling up at Harry. He had tears in his eyes.

"He's beautiful." Harry reached out to hold him, and I handed our son to him. I got butterflies seeing Harry holding our baby.

"What are going to name him?" Harry says looking at me.

"Christopher." I said smiling at Harry.

"Christopher Edward Styles." Harry says smiling at our child. He gave me back Christopher and looked at me. I looked over at Harry and he kissed me.

"Harry, is Niall okay?" I asked with a worried expression.

Harry's P.O.V

"I'm not sure, let me go check." I said getting up. I asked the doctor what room Niall was in. When I walked into the room I was shocked by what I saw. Niall had a mask on his face and he was hooked up to a computer.

"His heartbeat is normal, but it seems he's fallen into a coma." I put my hands over my face and looked at him. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. One of my bestfriends was in a coma. I felt tears coming but I wiped them away. I sat next to Niall and grabbed his hand.

"We're gonna get through this mate," tears filled my eyes.

"You can pull through this. I know you can" Tears streamed down my face and up to check on Alex.

Alex's P.O.V

Harry returned into the room. His eyes were red. I looked at him with curiousity.

"How is he?" he sat next to me and tears streamed his face. I knew something was wrong.

"Harry, is he okay?" Harry grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes.

"He's in a coma." He said choking on his words. My mouth dropped and tears filled my eyes. I wiped them away not wanted to cry in front of Christopher.

Reality was setting in. If anything happens to Niall... I'm not sure what I'd do.

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