Letting Go

Alex has been in love with Niall since they were twelve years old. Little does Alex know that he feels the same. Will they finally become a couple? Will Niall's upcoming fame tear them apart? Will this turn into a happy ending, or become and unforgettable tragedy?


18. Second Chance

I look around in confusion, it all must have been a vision. The accident, the pregnancy, me and Niall's realtionship, even me and Harry's relationship. I look at Niall, I was relieved to have a second chance with Niall. Now I know not to sleep with Harry, in a way this was an amazing thing that just happened. I had a huge smile as I ran up to Niall and kissed him on the lips. He looked at me surprised.

"Woah. What was that for?" He said looking down at me.

"Just because." I said smiling. I look over at Harry who was staring at us, I wasn't going to let him get to me this time. I had basically another chance at life. I had no baby, no emotional damage. I was free, and I was going to use this freedom wisely. We skated for a few hours and went back to my house. It was exactly how we left it. It was cleaned and unbroken.
Louis and Zayn sat on the couch next to eachother. Harry and Liam walked into the kitchen, and me and Niall plopped on the couch together. I knew at this moment what I wanted. I wanted to be with Niall, I was 100% sure of it.

"Hey Niall, can I talk to ya for a sec?" I say turning to him.

"yeah, sure." He answers looking over to me with a big smile on his face. I got up and held his hand. I lead him into my room and shut the door. I sat on the bed and he sat next to me.

"What di-" Niall begins to say, but I cut him off.

"Niall listem, I love you. I have for years and I just can't keep this to myself anymore. I knew this is out of nowhere, but Niall.. Will you be mine?" Niall's eyes lock on mine, he reahces over and grabs my hand.

"I thought I'd never see this day. Alex, I love you too. Of course I'll be yours." He says before kissing me. I hug him and he wraps his arms around me in a tight embrace. I give him another peck before getting interupted by Harry barging through hte door. He see's us kissing and his eyes widen. "Uhh.. ?" He says looking at us.

"Harry, me and Alex made it official!" Niall says to Harry.
Harry looks over at me, I can tell he was hurt.

"Yipee" He says trying to sound as excited as possible. I chuckle and get up and walk towards the door. Niall and Harry follow me out the door. I sit on the egde of the stairs and slide down.

"Someone seems happy." Zayn laughs. I just look over and give him a big smile. Niall walks up behind me and puts his arms around me.

"You two finally got together?" Louis says. Me and Niall smile at Louis indicating a yes. Me and Niall sit on the couch and Harry sits next to me. I know he's going to try something with me. I'm definantly not giving in this time. About an hour passes and Harry suggests to go to the movies.

"I think I want to stay home, maybe take a walk with Niall." I say winking at Niall. Harry gives me a frustrated look. The movies is where he tried to pull something in my vision, I was going to avoid it.

"Sounds nice." Niall says kissing my forehead. Everyone gets ready and walks out the door about andhour later.

'We'll be back later!' Liam says before shutting the door. I can hear their faint footsteps walking away from the door.
"So, a walk?" Niall chuckles at me.

"Up for it?" I sat to him. He laughs and kisses me.

"Sure" I get up and walk upstairs. I go into the bathroom and put on a little make-up. I let my hair down and brush out the small knots. My hair was naturally straight, so I didn't own a straightener. I walked over to closet, and pulled out shorts. Niall was sitting on the bed, just staring at the wall. I took off the pants I was wearing and slipped on my shorts. I didn't care if Niall saw my undress. His eyes widened when I took off my pants and he tried to make it seem like he was turning away. I giggled and put on my shoes.

"C'mon" He says walking out my room door. We both walk down the stairs and out the door. The sun was shining, and it was beautiful out. We started walking to our left, hand in hand. We hit the busy part of London, where all the shops and resturants were. We walked into a clothing store and looked around. I was looking at shirts when I felt a soft tapping on my shoulder. I look over to see Niall wearing a ridiculous looking hat. It was big and green, with feathers sticking out everywhere.

"Have a big photoshoot coming up, considering wearing this. What do you think?" He says in the most serious tone. I erupt in laughter as he pulls the hat off his head and places it back on the rack. He starts laughing and starts to look around. We walk out of the shop hand in hand and start walking down the street. A group of paparazzi start snapping pictures nonstop as we pass them up. They all ask the same question.

"Are you two dating?" We just keep walking down the street.

"You hungry?" Niall asks me.

"Starving" I say looking at the ground. We walk around until we find a small diner. We walk in and are quickly seated in a small booth made for two. Niall holds my hand on top of the table as we chat away. A waitress walks up and he orders for me.
I look around at the diner, this is the longest I've been out in public with Niall without a group of girls screaming his name. I feel a vibration in my pocket. I release my hand from Nialls grip and pull my phone out. It was a text from Harry. I roll my eyes as I open it.

"Hury back.. I wanna talk to you bout somthing x" I already knew what he wanted to talk about. He wanted to get me to sleep with him, but it wasn't going to happen. I've been given a second chance at working things out with Niall, and I wasn't going to screw it up. I put my phone back in my pocket and looked up and Niall. He smiled at me as he leaned in and gave me a kiss. I was going to make things right this time.

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