Letting Go

Alex has been in love with Niall since they were twelve years old. Little does Alex know that he feels the same. Will they finally become a couple? Will Niall's upcoming fame tear them apart? Will this turn into a happy ending, or become and unforgettable tragedy?


20. Lucy

I woke up lying beside Niall. I sat up and stretched out. I looked at everyone else who was asleep. I giggled silently looking over at Liam's forehead. You could still faintly see what me and Niall had drawn on him. I got out of the tent and walked up stairs to shower. I turned on the shower and sat on my bed for a second. The boys have phootshoots tomorrow, and go on tour in a few weeks. This is our last day together for a while.

I got up and undressed, walking towards the shower. I stepped in and let the warm water shower down my body. About 30 minutes later I got out of the shower. I put a towel around me and stepped out the bathroom that was located in my room. I walked out and went straight to the closet. I slipped on some underwear anad a bra. I grabbed one of Niall's shirts from the floor and put in, too lazy to get one of my own from the dryer downstairs. I put on some sweats and walked out the door.

When I walked downstairs all the boys were awake and the living room was put back together. I sat on the couch next to Liam, who was on his laptop.

"So as our last day together for a few months, what do you wanna do?" I asked Niall who was sitting on the arm of the sofa, right next to me.

"Well actually I have a surprise for you." Niall grinned down at me.

"A surprise?" I ask.

"How would you like to go on tour with us?" I look at him with excitement, but then I realize I couldn't possibly be allowed to go on tour with One Direction.

"What? I can't go on tour with you guys. I have work and.. the house. I can't just leave it all for 8 months." I say to him.

"Don't worry babe. You have Brenda to watch the house, and we all went to your work and they agreed to let you off a work for a while." He winked at me. I had almost forgot about my roomate Brenda who had been in New York the past couple of weeks, she was expected home tomorrow. I though for a second, this could be really fun.

"Are you sure it's okay for me to just tag along with you guys on tour?" I asked looking at all the boys.

"You know managment considers you a sixth member. They won't mind." Louis smiled at me. A big smile was brought to my face.

"Okay. I'll go." I said looking up to Niall.

"Wait, where am I supposed to sleep, and where do I go when you guys are performing?" I ask.

"You can sleep with me, and just stay backstage or you can watch from up above in one of the skyboxes." Nialls says getting up to go into the kitchen.

"Okay then, I guess I'm going on tour with One Direction." I say smiling.

"But I'll warn you, it can get pretty messy and chaotic on the bus." Zayn assures me.

"I don't mind, Niall's always making a mess in my room." I joke looking over at Zayn.
I hear a sudden knock at the door, who could that be? I get up and look through the peep hole.

"NO WAY!" I shout opening the door to see Brenda and her little sister, Lucy.

"I thought you weren't coming back until tomorrow? And you brought Lucy?" I said in excitement.
Lucy was Brenda's younger sister. She was 17 and gorgeous. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She had the perfect body and absoulutly no acne on her face. She was also a model. She seemed like the perfect girl.
"Hey! You alright!?" I ask Lucy as I pull her into a welcoming embrace.

"I'm good. How havae you been sweety?" She says with a smile. She had the most whitest, straight teeth you could imagine.

"Great! Nice to see you!" I say as they walk in. As soon as Lucy see's the boys she stops in her place and pulls me aside. She whispers in my ear hoping they wouldn't hear her.

"Is that... who I think it is?" She says to me as if she was choking on something.

"Yes, it is One Direction. Didn't Brenda tell you I knew them? I'm actually dating Niall." Her eyes locked on mine.

"Yea she told me but I didn't think they'd be here!" She says raising her voice a bit. I noticed Harry looking over at her. He had that look on his face, I knew he was going to try something on her.

"Would you like me to indrduce you?" I ask smiling at her.

"Oh god yes!" She says. I smile and lead her into the living room.

"Hey guys, this is Lucy. She's Brenda's younger sister. She's a bit of a fan." I say holding her shoulders. The boys look at her and smile as they all introduce themselves.

"How old is Brenda's sister?" Harry jokes and knuckle touches Louis, who was laughing. I rolled my eyes and looked over to Lucy who was blushing uncontrolably. She was stiff, as if she couldn't move.

"Can I get you anything to drink? Tea? Water?" I ask her walking over to the kitchen.

"Tea would be nice, thank you." She says following me into the kitchen.

"Oh my god. I love them so much, especially Harry." She says quietly.

"Oh dear". I think to myself.

"Really?" I ask putting a tea pot full of water on the stove.

"I'm going on tour with them in a few weeks. I say reaching into the cubbard to get the packets of tea.

"Wow you're so lucky!" She says sitting on the table. I make her and I some tea and sit on the table next to her.

"Uh, can I ask why Liam has a penis across his forehead?" Lucy asks looking over at Liam. All the boys laugh when they hear her.

"Me and Alex drew that on him, last night." Niall says laughing.

"It's not that funny." Liam pouts. I go to sit next to Niall on the couch and Lucy follows me. Of course, she sits next to Harry. Harry looks over and smiles at her.

"So do you live in London?" He asks.

"No. I recently moved to New York with my mum. I'm just here to visit family." She says bating her eyes and blushing at Harry.

"You have the most beautiful eyes." Harry says to her. I look over at him and her. I can't believe he's flirting with my roomates sister. Niall wraps his arm around me and kisses my cheek. I look up at him and smile, kissing him on the lips.

"Well I have to go back to my house, I'm meeting up with Danielle later." Liam says getting up from the couch.

"I'll see you guys later." He says before walking out the door.
Harry and Lucy continues to flirt, and I think they even exchanged numbers. Brenda came down the stairs from her room and noticed the two.

"Lucy, stop flirting!" Brenda says to Lucy jokingly. Lucy blushes and looks up to Harry, who was smiling back at her.

"Alex, do you want to walk to the shop with me real quick? I need to pick something up." Brenda asks. "Sure" I say getting up from Niall's embrace.

"You come to Lucy." Brenda beams at her.

"Okay." She says getting up.
We all walk down the street and into the busier part of London. I spot a magazine with a picture of me and Niall holding hands, on a small stand in the corner of the street.

"Hey, wait a second." I say to Brenda as I walk to the news stand. I pick up the magazine and scan the front page.

"Irish hearthrob in a realtionship?" The title said. I flipped through the pages to find our article. I found our page and started reading what it had to stay.

"It seems Niall Horan, of One Direction has found a new girlfriend. Sources spotted the two holding hands and going on a date last Sunday..." I stopped there and looked at all the pictures. There was one of me and Niall kissing at the diner, and us holding hands walking down the street. There was even one of him looking at me and laughing, and me looking back him with a smile on my face. It was pretty obvious we were dating.

"C'mon Alex. Lets go" Brenda said.

"Okay, sorry." I say putting down the magazine and walked towards Brenda and Lucy.
We got to the store and walked inside. I heard a young girl whisper to her mom. "Looks it's Niall's girlfriend!" I looked at her as she looked back at me. I smiled at her and kept walking. Brenda got what she needed and we left the store.
When we got back I noticed a black car in the parking. I reconized it, it was Perrie's car.

"Oh Perrie's here." I say as Brenda turns the key in the doornob.

"Really? I'm a huge Little Mix fan!" Lucy says as we walk through the door. I see Perrie sitting on Zayn's lap, with his arms around her. Harry rushes over to the empty couch and sits down, hoping Lucy would sit next to him, and she did.

"Where is Niall?" I ask Louis.

"He's in your room." He replies. I walk to my room and open the door. I spotted Niall naked, he had just got out of the shower.

"Woah babe, put some clothes on." I joke as I shut he door so no one else can see him.

"Babe! You scared me!" He says quickly slipping on his boxers. I smile and plop on the bed.

"Did you forget how to lock the door?" I giggle. He laughs and walks over, he leans down and kisses me. We start to make-out a little bit and he kisses down my neck leaving a few love bites.

"Niall, put some close on." I joke as I gently push him off of me. I sit up and walk to the bathroom. I notice three small red hickies spread on my neck.

"Oh great, you left hickies on me." I yell to Niall from the bathroom. He walks up from behind me and wraps his arms around me.

"Oh well." He smiles and kisses me.
We both walk down to see everyone watching a movie. Lucy was cuddled up to Harry, and Perrie was cuddled up to Zayn. I looked around and noticed Louis was gone.

"Where is Louis?" Niall asks.

"With Eleanor" Zayn replies. I sit on the couch and Niall sits next to me. I was sitting next to Zayn. He looks over at me and spots the hickies.

"Woah. Did a vampire attack you?" He jokes. I roll my eyes and look up and Niall who was smiling at me.

The movie ended and Harry walked up stairs, and not to long after so did Lucy. I, and everyone else, knew what was going on.

"Already? They just met." Niall says.

"I hope not!" Brenda yells. About 30 minutes passed and they haden't come down yet.

"Alex, go check on them." Brenda says smiling at me.

"I don't want to see that." I laugh back at her.

"C'mon. For me?" She smiles.

"Okay fine." I say getting up. I walk up the stairs and walk toward the room I let Harry sleep in. I quietly put my ear up to the door. I heard muzzled moaning, I knew exactly what was going on. I saw Brenda walk up the stairs and I signaled her over. See too, put her ear up to the door. Her mouth dropped when she heard the moaning herself. "I can't believe her." She whispered. We both heard her scream out Harry's name at the top of her lungs. We could also hear Harry groan. It was obviously they just hit their high. Me and Brenda couldn't help but laugh as we walked back down the stairs.

"You guys are not going to believe what we heard." I say.

"Save it, we heard the screaming from down hear." Niall said laughing.
Me and Brenda took our seats when we heard the door open. Harry and Lucy walked down the stairs and sat on the couch. His hair was messy and he looked sweaty. Lucy's hair was tangeled and she her make-up was smeared a bit.

I looked at Harry and shook my head. He looked at me and looked at the ground.

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