Letting Go

Alex has been in love with Niall since they were twelve years old. Little does Alex know that he feels the same. Will they finally become a couple? Will Niall's upcoming fame tear them apart? Will this turn into a happy ending, or become and unforgettable tragedy?


17. Just A Thought

"Ready for bed?" Harry whispers to me. The boys and I were all squished on both the couches watching movies in the dark. It was about 12 o'clock and we were all tired. Zayn and Liam were in fact asleep next to eachother, cuddling. Harry got up off the couch and pulled my arms up, lifting me off the couch. I picked up Chris, who was fast asleep, and walked up the stairs after Harry. I could hear the rest of the boys getting up tp go to bed as I walked up the stairs. I looked down at Niall, who was surprisingly enough looking up at me. I couldn't help but smilie, and it seems like he coudln't either. I turned away from Niall and was lead into the room by Harry. I shut the door and put the baby in his crib. I sat in bed next to Harry, pulling the covers over me. I faced my back to him and he scooted up behind and put his arm around me. Our bodies fit perfectly into eachother. I could feel Harry's chest slowly expand in and out as he inhaled and exhaled.

"Goodnight Alex, I love you." He whispers to me in a tired voice.

"I love you too Harry." I reply and he kisses the back of my neck. We both stay quiet as we fall asleep.

The next day I get out of bed a bit early. I sit up and stretch my arms out as I look around. I look over at Harry who was still sleeping. I got up and peeked inside Chris's crib, he too was fast asleep just like his father. I smiled and walked over to the door. I opened it and walked down the hallway. I get to the staircase and walk down the stairs. I see Niall sleeping on the couch, he never looked so perfect. The way his hair was perfectly messy, he was like an angel. I sat down on the couch and flip on the tv, quickly turning it down so I won't wake up Niall. It was no use, Niall had already woken up. He breathed in deeply and looked at me with one eye closed.

"Morning." He said smiling as he stretched out his arms. He sat up and walked over to me. He kissed me on the lips and wrapped his arms around me. I wasn't sure what was going on between us, it was like this secret affair. Whatever it was, it felt so right. I smiled and looked at him. His blue eyes looked so beautiful in the light shining through the window.

"Sleep well?" I say smiling at him.

"Yeh." He replies turning to the tv.

"You are not going to believe what I've got planned for Zayn's birthday." Niall says looking into the tv. I look at him quickly, austonished.

"Niall? How did you remember that?" I say looking at him. He looks at me and gives me a mischievous grin.

"When did you get your memory back?" I blurt.

"Yesterday morning." He says looking into my eyes.

"Why didn't you say anything??" I say to him, confused as hell.

"I dunno, just didn't bring it up." He says looking back into the tv. I looked away, confused. This means he knew about us dating, and he still had sex with me? Does this mean he still loves me? I was deeply consued. I look over to him, and he looks back at me.

"Alex, I'm in love with you." I look at him in surpise.

"Alex come here, Alex, come here." "ALEX. Come on the boys are waiting!" I look over and see Niall holding two pairs of skates. I was once again confused. I looked around to find out I was at the roller rink. I look at my phone to check the date. It was still July. The day I met up with the rest of the boys at the roller rink. I hear Liam say

"Lets skate!". I look over and see him on the floor. He gets back out and assures us he was okay. I realize.. It was all just a thought.

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