Letting Go

Alex has been in love with Niall since they were twelve years old. Little does Alex know that he feels the same. Will they finally become a couple? Will Niall's upcoming fame tear them apart? Will this turn into a happy ending, or become and unforgettable tragedy?


10. Happy

About a month past and I haden't heard from Niall in weeks, which was weird since me and him used to be the best of friends. I woke and could hear birds chirping outside my window, it was bright and sunny outside. I sat up and looked over at Harry, he looked so cute sleeping. The sun caused my yellow room to light up, it made everything look so beautiful. I smiled and got out of bed, waking Harry up.

"Goodmorning beautiful" Harry says with only one eye open. "Your belly is getting big."
I smile and look down at my stomach which was indeed growing. I put my hand over my stomach to see if he was kicking and sure enough, I felt a small bump against my belly.

"Harry! The baby kicked feel it!" I instantly layed down and put Harry's hand on my stomach.

"I don't feel anything." Harry said feeling around my stomach. I move his hand just above my belly button and press his hands against my belly.

"Awe, I feel it!" I smile and look over at Harry, who was smiling at my stomach.

"I can't wait to finally see my baby" He says laying his head back down.

"Me neither, just one and a half more months." I say laying back down and looking at my ceiling. There were a bunch of glow in the dark stars on my ceiling. Me and Niall put them up there the first day I moved in and fell asleep looking up at them that night. Me and him used to be such good Bestfriends. I started thinking of all the good times we had and it made me want to cry. I decided to give him a call. I grab my phone and walk downstairs and sit on the couch. I scan though my phone for Niall's name and pressed 'call'. The phone rang a few times and he finally answered.


"Niall! Can you swing by? I want to talk to you about something." I can hear Niall's mood light up over the phone.

"Sure, I'll be right there." Although I couldn't see his face, I knew he was smiling. I flipped on the tv and in no time there was a knock at the door. I smiled and shot up to go open it. I opened the door to see Niall in a blue t shirt and light jeans, he had a smile on his face.

"What did you need to talk about?" He said walking over to the couch.

"Well, I've been thinking. I know we didn't work out as a couple, but does that mean we can't still be BESTfriends?" I say walking over and sitting next to him.

"Course not!" He says smiling at me.

"Yay!" I say jumping up and hugging him, like I used to.

"To be honest, I missed my bestfriend." Niall said smiling at me.

"Me too, it's glad to have you back."

"And I'm happy for you and Harry, and I want you to know I'll always be here for you"
I smiled and hugged Niall, I had my Bestfriend back. Me and Niall held each other until I heard Harry's foot steps strolling down the stairs.

"Niall? What are doing here?" Harry looked at me concerned.

"Don't worry Harry, me and Niall are Bestfriends again" I said hugging Niall tighter before leaving his embrace.

"That's great to hear!" Harry says smiling at me and Niall.

"Hey let's all go out to eat?" I suggest.

"We can invite the rest of the boys" I say looking over to Harry.

"I'm in!" Niall says excited. I knew he'd agree, how could Niall Horan turn down food?

"I'll go call the boys" Harry says walking upstairs to go get his phone. I followed him, leaving Niall downstairs to watch tv.

"isn't this just amazing? I have my best friend back" I say wrapping my arms around Harry's waist.

"Yeah, this is how it should've been from the start." Harry says smiling down at me.
Me and Harry got ready and walked downstairs to see the rest of the boys conversating amongst themselves.

"Everyone ready to go?" Harry asks raising one eyebrow. We all leave and pile into my car. The whole car is a noisy mess, the boys can be so loud. I didn't mind though, this meant everyone was happy. We arrived at the resturant and got out the car. We walked in and were quickly seated. I sat next to Harry. We were seating next to a large window and I could see outside. It was a busy day in London, people shuffling from every way. A few minutes past and a waitress took our orders. As usual, Niall ordered a ton. Everything seemed to be back to usual and I was happy with my life. We all ate and left the restaurant. We walked outside to be ambushed by paparazzi. I was holding Harry's hand and my stomach was visible. I tried covering up but I couldn't, and it was too late anyway. A bunch of pictures were snapped and everyone was asking the same question.

"Harry are you dating Alexis?"

"Alexis are you expecting?" I just kept my head down and we all slipped into the car and pulled away. I knew everyone would know I was pregnant soon.
I looked out my window. I didn't care what people thought at this point. I was happy, and no one could take away my happiness.

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