Letting Go

Alex has been in love with Niall since they were twelve years old. Little does Alex know that he feels the same. Will they finally become a couple? Will Niall's upcoming fame tear them apart? Will this turn into a happy ending, or become and unforgettable tragedy?


24. Catfight!

My cheeks bright red, I just sit there looking through my phone. I feel someone sit next to me as I scroll down my TL. I look from my phone to see Lucy. I roll my eyes and look back at my phone.

"Harry, let's go shopping babe." She says in a pouty voice as she touches Harry's arm.

"Later babe." He says shoveling food in his mouth. I get up irritated and sit next to Niall on the bed. The tour haden't officially started, so we were pretty much on vacation in L.A. The tour started in two days. That's when we would be on the road every day and every night. That's when I would have to live in the same space as Lucy.

"What are we going to do today?" I asked Niall as I leaned on him.

"I'm going to take you sight seeing since this your first time in L.A." He replies running his hands threw my hair.

"Just me and you?" I ask with a smile. He smiles back and nods his head.

Me and Niall start to get dressed for our day. I finish up my hair and make-up and sit on the bed. The others got dressed too, but I'm not sure what they were going to do.

"Ready?" Niall asks walking out the small bathroom. He had on a black V-neck and blue jeans. His hair was fixed up and he had sun glasses on. He always managed to look perfect. I smile at him and stand up.

"You look cute today." I say walking towards.

"Pssh, I always look cute." He jokes. I laugh and we both walk out the door.

We walked out the lobby of the hotel and for once, there were no fans in sight. He held my hand as we made our way down the street.

"I'm going to take you to the best American fast food place there is." He says as we walk down the busy-ish street.

"What's it called?" I ask.

"You'll see when we get there." He says smiling at me. We were walking for about five minutes before a girl ran up to Niall asking for a picture and a autograph. I knew someone had to have reconized him.

We were walking for a few more minutes until we reached this small resturant.

"We're here!" Niall said with a big cheesy smile. I looked up and the sign that read

"In-N-Out" I laughed at the name.

"In and out?" I laughed at Niall.

"This place is amazing!" He said pulling me in. I sat down at a small table for two and he ordered for me.

"Oh my god you're Niall Horans girlfriend!" I looked back to see a girl with blonde hair. She ran up to me.

"Oh my god can I have a picture." She asked. Niall walked up from behind her, but she didn't realize. I looked at Niall and she turned to see what I was looking at. When her eyes met Niall her face dropped, she screamed in surprise and hugged him. When she pulled away from his embrace she kissed him on the cheek. Niall just smiled as she pulled away.

"Can I have a picture? With the both of you?" She asked.

"Babe, you want to get in this?" Niall asked pointing at her. The girls eyes pleaded for me to say yes.

"Sure" I smiled as I stood up. The three of us huddled together and Niall snapped a picture.

"Thanks so much! I love you so much Niall! And you too Alex, you are so gorgeous you two make a perfect couple!" She talked fast, she was so excited she was literally shaking.

"Thank you, have a nice day." I said to her as I hugged her goodbye. She hugged Niall one last time before exiting with her mom. Our food came shortly after. Niall had ordered me a hamburger, fries, and a soda. I looked at the food for a second and back up Niall, who had already taken a few bites of food.

"Try it, it's so good!" He said. Everything he said, he sounded so happy and excited. That's one of the million things I loved about him. I picked up my food and bit into it. It actually was very good. We started eating our food.When we finshed eating, we left to resturant annd started walking around.

We shopped in a few stores and went back to the hotel. When we got back only Harry and Lucy were there.

"What did you guys do today?" Niall asked.

"Just went to a few shops." Harry replied. I looked over at lucy who had a new diamond necklace.

"We got mobbed by girls and paparazzi." Lucy gloated as if it was a good thing. This was it, I had enough.

"Harry,can I have a word with you?" I asked. He agreed and got up. We left the hotel room and we sat at this small dining room.

"What's up? He asks.

"Harry, we need to talk about Lucy" He gave me a look of confusion.

"What about her?" He said.

"Harry, I'm telling you this as a friend. The girl's using you." Harry's expression dropped.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"I mean, she told me she only wants to be with you for the money and the fame. She doesn't really like you." I say. He looks down and back up at me.

"You're kidding right? Lucy is sweet and wonderful." I sigh and roll my eyes.

"Haz! Open your eyes! She is only using you, she'll just drop you in a few weeks when she's bored." I say, Harry seems to have grown angry.

"You're lying! You are just jealous to see me with another girl!" He says standing up. This literally pisses me off. I stand up in anger.

"Really? Get over yourself Harry! I'm just trying to save you from getting hurt!" I yell. He walks to the door and opens it.

"Well maybe you should stick your nose out of this." He shouts, Lucy and Niall look at us shocked.

"Fine. I tried to help you Harry. But when that little slut breaks your heart, don't come running back to me!"

Lucy stands up and walks towards me.

"Who are you calling a slut?" She says.

"Who else in this room fucked a guy the first day she met him?" I yell in her face.

"You obvioulsy don't know who I am!" She yells back.

"I know exactly who you are! You're a decieving little bitch who just wants Harry for the attention. You said so last night!" I'm practically screaming. She just looks at me and swings but misses. The moment she swung, I swung back planting one good punch on her face. Fists fly back and forth and I get her on the ground. At this point Harry and Niall are trying to pull us away. I sit on top of her and keep landing punches directly on her face as she trys throwing some back but misses.

"Alex! Enough!" Niall shouts pulling me off. Harry picks up Lucy. I still swing and kick at her as the boys pull us apart. She has blood everywhere and her hair is a mess. My hands are curled up and I'm shaking. I look at myself in the mirror. My face had no blood or scratches and my hair still looked the same as it did before. I smiled knowing I got her good.

"Stupid bitch!" Lucy kept screaming.

Before I knew it the boys let us go and Lucy ran up to me again throwing punches. I once again planted multiple punches and pushed her against the wall. The rest of the boys walked in and saw the chaos of Niall and Harry trying to pull us apart. I had her hair in one hand and I was punching her with he other. All of them landing on her face.

"Catfight!" Louis shouted. After a few more kicks and punches and, with the help of all five boys, they finally manage to seperate us. Harry grabbed Lucy and took her into the restroom. To wipe away all the blood I assumed. Niall sat me on the bed. I was breathing heavily. She didn't land a single punch.

"What happened?" Liam asked sitting down. He had a worried look on his face.

"She swung at me so I fought back." I said still breathing a bit heavy.

"You have not one scratch on your face, you must have got her good!" Louis said. I just laughed.

"You're so sweet, I didn't think you had it in you!" Zayn said and gave me a high five. I chuckled at everyone. The boys went to there beds. Niall looked at me, he looked mad. We looked at eachother for a while.

"You did get her pretty good." He admitted and kissed me on the cheek. I looked over and noticed the necklace Harry had bought Lucy was lying, broken on the floor. I smirked and layed back in the bed.

Harry and Lucy walked out the restroom. Lucy's hair was pulled back and she had a black eye and bruises everywhere, she had a few scratches here and there. She looked at me and then walked to the bed with Harry. I chuckled at the sight of her face. I turned to Niall and gave me a high five under the blankets. I laughed and kissed him.

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