Letting Go

Alex has been in love with Niall since they were twelve years old. Little does Alex know that he feels the same. Will they finally become a couple? Will Niall's upcoming fame tear them apart? Will this turn into a happy ending, or become and unforgettable tragedy?


25. Broken

We all ended up going to sleep after that. The next morning I woke up next to Niall, of course. He was cuddling me and our legs were intertwined. I could feel his hot breathe on me. I sat up and looked around to see who was up. Harry and Zayn were the only two awake. They didn't notice me sit up from the other side of the room.

"Alex, we got some bad news" Zayn said with a stern face.

"What is it?" I asked pushing away the sheets and sitting at the table near him.

"Well management heard about your little brawl last night, both you girls are kicked off the tour." I wasn't so upset about what Zayn said, I was sort of relieved to not be sharing the same space with an arrogent bitch for 8 months.

"I understand." I say looking at the floor.

"I'm sorry." Zayn said rubbing my shoulder.

"It's quiet alright" I say getting up to go lay by Niall.

By this time Niall was just waking up. His eyes opened as I jumped next to him. He smiled, putting his arms around me. He kissed me and just layed down.

"Babe, I got kicked off the tour." Niall's eyes widened and he sat up.

"Why?" he asked.

"The fight last night." I said back to him. He held me tight and kissed me. He knew he wouldn't see more for a while. I get up and notice Lucy gone. I walk back to Zayn and sit next to him.

"Where has Lucy gone?" I ask him.

"She left to New York about an hour ago." He replies.

"Why?" I ask Zayn.

"She and Harry uh.. broke up." I look over to Harry who haden't heard what Zayn just said. He was sitting at the edge of his bed, his head down turned to the floor. I got up and went to go sit next to him. I sat on the bed and put my hand on his back.

"You okay?" I say leaning to his face. He just looked at me and back at the floor.

"You were right." He whispered slowly.

"What happened?" I asked.

"She told me everything, and left." He says looking out the window, on the verge of tears. I felt horrible, though I knew I was right. I gave him a comforting hug.

"Where's my "I told you so"?" He asked looking at me.

"You look pretty hurt, and I feel bad." I say before getting up. I walk over to Niall who had just slipped on his pants.

"I guess I have to get my stuff together." I say to him. He scratched the back of his head and sighed.

"I wish you didn't have to go." He says running his hands through his hair, making it all messy. I wrap my arms around him and hold him tight. I look up and he pecks my lips.

"I love you." He says.


A few months pass after I get back home in London, and the boys are expected home in about an hour. The time really flew, but I missed Niall more than anything. With all the drama with Brenda's sister, Lucy, I decided to move out. I had my own apartment in north London. Living alone was different for me, but I adapted quick.

I had a small welcome back party for Niall, and the boys planned out for the return. I looked around my now bigger kitchen to see if everything was in place. Shit, I noticed I had forgot beverages. At that moment I got my coat and rushed out the door to the store. I now had my own car. I hopped in my car pulled away.

I entered the store and grabbed a case of Pepsi. As I was waiting I noticed a magazine with a picture of Niall on it. In curiosity to see what Niall was up to, I picked up the magazine. My heart sank as I read the caption next to him.

"Has Niall been seeing a mystery girl?"

I flip the pages to the page with his article. I started to read the article, skaing.

"It seems One Direction Irish cutie Niall Horan was spotted locking lips with a mysterious girl outside a door in a hotel. The two were seen snogging before Niall opened the door letting the girl inside. Sources have confirmed the girl as Australian model Stephanie Austin..."

I trailed off looking at the pictures. He was kissing some girl in the hallway of a hotel. The next picture was of him opening the hotel door and letting her in. My heart had literally cracked open as I put the magazine down. I put the sodas back and drove home. Tears streamed down my face as I drove the busy streets of London.

When I got home, I collapsed on the couch and began to sob uncontrollably. I layed there broken, unsure what to do next. I sat up and wiped the tears from my face, only to have more stream down seconds after. I looked up at the food I had set out for the boys. I put everything back and walked upstairs into my room. I layed down looking at the ceiling. How could he do this to me? I slowly drifted off.

I was woken up hours later by my phone ringing. I looked down to see Niall calling, I cleared my throat and stared at my phone. I watched it debating on wether I should answer it or not. I let it go to voicemail. I look through my phone to see multiple texts from Niall. All saying he's back in London and he wants to see me. As I looked through my phone, it started ringing again. It was Niall again. I answered it this time.

"Hello." I answered.

"Babe! I've been trying to get a hold of you for an hour!" He says.

"I was asleep." I say trying not to sound heartbroken. Niall knows me too well.

"Baby, are you okay? What's wrong?" He asks.

"I don't know Niall. Why don't you ask Stephanie." I say before hanging up on him. I throw my phone down on the bed and place my head in my palms. I look down to see him calling back. I foward his call. He calls a few more times before giving up.

I get up and walk downstairs and flip on the tv. I put on a movie trying to take my mind off things, and indeed it did. I forgot about everything as I got lost into the movie. While watching the movie I heard a knock at the door. At that moment I had remembered I gave Niall my new address. I walk up and look through the peep hole to see Niall standing at my door.

"Alex, let me in." He says calmly. I stand there, not sure what to say. I finally blurt out to him.

"Go away!" He knocks again and shouts.

"Please babe, let me in." I sit at the end of the staircase that was near the door and begin to cry. I could see Niall through the small window by the stairs. I look away and put my face into my hands. Niall's knocks become louder.

"Alexis! Let me in!" He shouts. I wipe my tears standing up from the stairs.

I give in and open the door slowly. I look at him and he rushes in to hold me. I brush him off and look him in the eyes.

"You cheated on me. How could you." I say as tears stream down my face. He looks down and puts one hand on my face. He looks me in the eyes and stare back in his beautiful blue eyes.

"Alex, it was a drunken mistake. Please forgive me." I look up at him and push his hands away.

"What did you guys do?" I ask with anger in my voice. He looks at me and tears fill his eyes.

"I'm so sorry." He crys out. Tears filled my eyes. "

You... slept with her didn't you?" I ask. Niall looks down as more tears fill his eyes. He looks back at me and looks into my eyes.

"I was drunk, I didn't mean for any of it to happen. You have to forgive me." He says.

I look up to him and look away.

"I can't forgive you Niall." I say looking at him. He begins to cry harder and he trys to hold me but I push him away.

"Alex!" He shouts.

"Just get out of here! I never want to see you again!" I shout pushing him out the door.

"Please babe!" He yells out.

"Don't call me that! Just leave!" I push him out the door and slam the door locking it. I leaned back on the door and sink to the floor and start to cry hysterically. I could hear Niall walk away and get into his car. A few minutes I hear a car start up and drive away.

I pick myself and walk up to my bed. I layed down once again, heart broken. I replay what just happened in my head over and over again. I shut my eyes and force my self to sleep. I knew I could escape this nightmare in my dreams.

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