Letting Go

Alex has been in love with Niall since they were twelve years old. Little does Alex know that he feels the same. Will they finally become a couple? Will Niall's upcoming fame tear them apart? Will this turn into a happy ending, or become and unforgettable tragedy?


11. -B

A few minutes in the car and we arrive in my driveway. We unload from the car and stroll inside.

"Oh my, I ate so much. I might explode" Liam groans as he holds his stomach.

"I'll be right back." Niall blurts as he gets up to use the bathroom. We all laugh knowing what he's about to go do in that bathroom.
I walk over and sit on the table and get on Twitter. I notice the pictures of all of us leeaving the resturante are already up online. I look through a couple and see one of me and Harry holding hands, my bump makes it obvious to everyone I'm pregnant.
I go to my mentions and see tweets from this same girl. Only, they were not tweets, they were death threats. She insists that she will find my house and kill me and the baby, and that Harry is 'her man'. All her tweets ended with "-B"
I don't think too much of it, this girl couldn't possibly know where I live. I get up and sit next to Harry and show him the tweets. His eyes widen with all of the filth this girl was telling me.

"Fans can be a bit over the top sometimes." Harry jokes.

"A bit?" I laugh. Harry kisses my cheek and closes the app.

"I'm going to let anyone hurt you or our son." He says smiling at me.
I smile, I felt so safe in Harry's arms.

"Get a room!" Louis yells from the other couch. I look over at him and start to laugh.

"Zayn, Louis, why don't you guys invite over Perrie and Eleanor? We can have a little party."

I say smiling over to Zayn and Louis.

"A party?" Zayn says laughing.

"Yea, we got nothing else to do, me and Hary can go get some chips and soda or whatever you guys want, and you two call up the girls." I say standing up.

"That's actually not a bad idea." Louis says pulling out his phone.

"Come on Harry, lets go to the store." I say grabbing Harry's hand.
Me and Harry went into the car and drove off.

"A party?" Harry says laughing.

"Yes, a party. I'm bored."I say looking at him. We pull up to the store and get out of the car. We walk into the store in peace and scan the aisles. I grab a cart and swing by the sodas. I get three 2 liters of Dr. Pepper and two bags full of chocolate. I walk over to find Harry who was standing by all the chips. He put in five bags.

"Five bags Harry?" I say looking down into the cart.

"Three bottles of soda Alex?" Harry says mimicing me. I laugh and we walk to the check out stand. I notice the cover of a magazine while waiting in line. It has a picture of me and Harry holding hands smiling at eachother. This picture was taken about three days ago. The cover says:

"Harry dating Niall's girl?" I grabbed the magazine and flipped through the pages to the article about us. I see a picture of me and him kissing, this was the day we went to the doctors together. There were also picture of me and my baby bump. I skimed though the article. it said.

"It seems Harry Styles, the One Direction ladies man, has swept his bestfriend, Niall Horan, girlfriend off her feet. Sources say they were caught multiple times holding hands all through London. That's not all though, it seems girlfriend, Alexis Slater, is expecting!" I stoped there and put down the magazine. I looked over at Harry who was texting someone. It was our turn in line and I unloaded evrything and put on the counter. Harry helped me with the sodas, we paid for our food and left.
When we got back to the house I saw the girls sitting next to their boyrfriends. I put the bags down on the table and spotted two brown bags on the counter. I walked over and peeked inside them. There was vodka in both bags, I sighed knowing i couldn't drink with everyone else. I walked over to the evryone and put one hand on my hips.

"Who brought vodka?" i said looking at everyone.

"Me!" Perrie said raising her hand. An hour passed and everyone started to drink and have fun, expect me and Niall.

"i'll stay sober with you." Niall said smiling at me.

"Thanks, means alot." I said giving Niall a cheesy smile. I turned over to Harry who looked like he had one two many, well more like ten two many. He was tripping over tables and was a slurring mess. Niall and I laughed at everyone, they were all wasted.
I was sitting in Niall's lap and he had his arms around me. This was normal for us, we've been friends for years, and Harry was okay with it.

"Wish you could be drinking right now?" Niall said.

"of course, don't you?" I laughed.

"Yeah, but spending time with my bestfriend is way better. A few hours passed and everyone passed out. Me and Harry walked up to my room and layed down. Just laying next to him i could smell the alchol. He passed out within five minutes, and so did I. I was exhausted.
The next morning I got up to see Harry spread out on the bed, I laughed remembering how drunk he was. I walked downstairs and saw Liam and Louis passed out on the floor. Eleanor was on one couch, and Zayn and Perrie were on another. I smirked and walked outside to check the mail, there were a few envolopes. I walked to the table where Niall was eating. I sat next to him and flipped through the mail. I noticed this one envlope with my name on it written in black sharpy. I opened it and threw it down with fright by what it said. I ran to make sure the door was locked and came and sat back down. I was terrified by what the note read.

"I know where you live. -B"

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