Hey There Delilah

        Hey There Delilah
   That song ment everything to me. As hard as i tried to hate it i couldnt. It was the thing that kept me grounded. The thing that made me stay on Earth. Even if my brother sang it in an adition in the XFactor in 2010. Louis Tomlinson is my Brother. My name is Delilah Tomlinson and im 17 years old, depressed, and anorexic.


3. Chapter three

(a/n) Sorry to all the people who like this story that i havent updated, i have been busy with school and just got back from gorgeia.
(Louis' POV)
I sighed and sat down on the soft multicolored couch, and grabbed the remote. I was flipping through the channels until I found the X-Factor. I smiled a manwalked onto the stage.
"My name is James Jhonson." He said shaky. By now all the boys were sitting around me, along with Lottie, Fizzy, Daisy, and Phobie.
" Well James, what will you be singing?" Cher asked kindly.
" Uhh, Save You Tonight by One Direction." I watched in amusment as a blush creept onto his cheeks.
100 second later, a new lucky person was in the competion. An oddly fimmiliar girl steped onto the stage.
" Hi what's your name?" Simon asked.
" Delilah Tomlinson. " she said.

" You're kidding?" Simon, the boys, girls and I said in sync.
Sorry it is sooo short!
Your qestion: How many sisters does Louis have, and what are there names?
Put ur answer in the comments!!!!
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