Hey There Delilah

        Hey There Delilah
   That song ment everything to me. As hard as i tried to hate it i couldnt. It was the thing that kept me grounded. The thing that made me stay on Earth. Even if my brother sang it in an adition in the XFactor in 2010. Louis Tomlinson is my Brother. My name is Delilah Tomlinson and im 17 years old, depressed, and anorexic.


2. Chapter 2

I pushed past louis and ran up the stairs. "Delilah!" He shouted, as i reached the top. I slightly turned, to see him. His blue eyes starting to shed small tears. "What?" I sneered. "Yo-" he started to say, but i compleatly ignored him. Walking (okay running) down the hall, i heard four pairs of footsteps comming up the stairs. I ran into my room and locked the door. I grabbed the navy blue duffle bag, and shoved random things into it. I had atleast 2,000 dollars. I was going to go to a hotel for a while. The doorknob started to turn. Damn Fizzy and thos stupid arse hair pinns. I ran as fast as i could, and climbed down the emergancy ladder. My feet hit the groung, and as i looked up, i saw a pair of icy blue eyes stairing at me. Niall. I could'n- but i have to. I bit my lip, and waved to him before running off into the darkness.
:::::::::::noon, next day:::::::::::
I grabbed my hotel key, wallet, and shoved on my bracelets. I walked out of the rook closing the door. I walked to the elenator. Today, im getting my hair dyed black, and getting bright green contacts. I going to try out for the x factor. I was going to 3 years ago, but the perfact Louis had to do it first.

Two weeks later
"Hello. What is your name?" " Delilah Tomlinson." I said through the microphone. "Your kidding me right?" Simon asked. "Nope." i said. "Well okay, go." he said. The music started, and i started to sing along with it. " I need another story. Something to get off my chest." when i finished the song, one of the new "Only listing to" song, the Juges were smiling like idiots. "Lets get straight to the point," Cher said In unition, the all said," Your Going through." i smiled for the first time i have in a very long time. "Thank you." i walked off the stage, as the crowd cheered. I finnaly am not just," One of Louis Tomlinsons sisters." Now, i have a chance at being so much more.
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