Hey There Delilah

        Hey There Delilah
   That song ment everything to me. As hard as i tried to hate it i couldnt. It was the thing that kept me grounded. The thing that made me stay on Earth. Even if my brother sang it in an adition in the XFactor in 2010. Louis Tomlinson is my Brother. My name is Delilah Tomlinson and im 17 years old, depressed, and anorexic.


1. Ꮳhapter 丨

Chapter one: 
I sat in my room waiting for the dredfull ring of the doorbell. today was the day Louis comes and visits with his bandmates. He will see how depressed i am. I hate him. The only songs i listin to are Hey There Delilah, The ATeam, and skysraper. 'Ding Dong' I heard the doorbell go off. I pulled up my sleaves and put on all my bracelets. "Louis! Niall! Liam! Harry! Zayn! Come in. It's freezing outside!" I heard mom yell. "Girls!" I pretended to be asleep. I heard loud banging of footsteps pass my door. "Delilah!!" Mark yelled. Yas mark. He isn't my dad. I was made from a one night stand. "D! Get your arse down here!" I heard Louis yell. I heard footsteps comming closer until the door opened. "D, I know your not asleep. Get up. Or dad will beat you." Fizzy wispered. I slowly got out of bed. She ran down the stairs. " She's comming." She said. As I slowly desended the stairs I could hear Lottie say,"So who are you takeing on tour with you?" When i reached the bottom step i heard 5 pairs of gasps. I looked up slowly, and came face to face with louis. "W-what happend to you, D?" He asked softly. "You."I said and looked into his eyes. 
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