Standing Strong even Alone

"You've got tons to live for, I mean, Liam you're famous. What am I? Nothing. I doubt you even love me like you say you do." Liam's eyes start to tear up as a crystal tear drop falls. He takes me into his arms onto the bed.
"I love you so much, I won't let anyone change that. I'll never stop loving you." Liam say before kissing me slowly.


1. Just waiting

The tear stream down my face faster and faster as the rain pours down soaking me to the bone. I walk faster looking at the scars on my arms, the scars from cutting and wishing I was dead not working. Liam (my boyfriend) has just found out about my secret even though he said he wanted to help, I ran away in shame before he could. My blonde hair dripping at my shoulders.
"Please! Zoe, let me help you!" Liam yells running up to me.
"I'm a shame upon you! Let me die! Let me go and crawl into a corner and die!" I say dropping to the ground. My sobs loud but the pounding of rain drowns them out.
"Come inside! You're going to get ill out here!" Liam says picking me up bridal style, both of us dripping wet, soaked to the bone. I sake in his arms cold, tired, and helpless. Wishing death would take me away already. Depressed and worthless. Not even twenty yet and ready for my world to end. He brings me upstairs and into the bathroom. He hands me an outfit and a towel.
"Shower." He tells me strong but loving. He turns around looking at the wall as I jump in. He stays in awkwardly just standing there.
"I don't get why you're standing the other direction when you've seen me nude before..." I grin at him.
"I'm not turning around until you're dressed." He says laughing.
I step out of the shower still sad and somewhat crying. Liam closes his eyes and hugs me tight. His cold wet T shirt and dripping wet skinny jeans touch my bare body making me cold. "Liam, I don't know, I don't know why I'm so depressed, or even why I cut or why I want to die. I'm not happy with my life Liam. Everything is just too much. All the hate, the tweets. No one likes me!" I sob out.
"I love you. The guys love you. And that's all that matters!" He says almost picking me up. He raps a towel around me and sends me into the bedroom. I get dressed and look at me arms a d legs. The cuts and scars, the fresh cuts that still bleed. I dig my nails into my arm making blood rise. Another cut, another breath away from death.
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