The Anomaly That Sent Me 20 Years Into The Future

Kylie is an average Australian girl living in 2028. She thinks she’s going to her private island with her best friend. But she couldn’t be more wrong. She gets hit by the biggest wave known by man and ends up 20 years in the future after an apocalypse. How? Can she survive? Will she meet any survivors? Read and find out!


1. Before The Anomaly

“Kylie! Get your ass up!” I heard mum yell up the stairs. I checked the time on my phone: 6am. Shit I was supposed to be ready to go for a swim with my friend, Merina.

“Is Merina here?” I quickly got out of bed and through my wetsuit on.

“Yes and I’m ready to go!” I ran downstairs to open the door.

“Bye mum! We’ll be safe I promise!” I say kissing her cheek. She laughed. I guess after 17 years she doesn’t need to give me the 10 minute speech about being safe.

Every Saturday, me and Marina go to her private pier. If you swim straight for about 10 minutes there’s a small island that only our families know about. It’s about as big as a one room house. In the summer me and her camped out here for days.

I walked into the water as fast as I can, it’s less painful that way. For this early in Australia it’s not too cold.

“Race you there!” I said diving into the water. I soon heard her splash in after me. I’ve always been a great swimmer- but Marina- I swear she was a fish in her past life. She’s as fast as a shark and can hold her breathe for minutes straight. She’s also incredible with sea life, even sharks, which I’ve always been jealous of. I come up for air to see her about a foot behind me staring behind me with wide eyes.

“Dude?” You ok?” She looked like she was in a trance, her mouth was all the way open. She lifted her hand up and pointed behind me. I spun around. About ten feet away was the biggest wave I’ve seen- and I’ve seen a lot of waves. This one could easily wipe both of us out. It was so close as well.

“DUCK!” she screamed as its about to hit us. I was too late. It knocked me in the face and I was trapped under it. I tried getting up for what seemed like forever. That’s the last thing I remember before everything went black.

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