Dance Of My Life

Ashley Stewart hasn't had the best of lives, with her dad dying and all but that soon changes when she moves to New York.
But Ashley has two secret talents, she can sing amazingly and is a brilliant dancer, she meets Drake who was the typical bad ass jock but then he seems to be nice but little does she know what would happen.
She enters a massive dance contest but will she win? Who knows. But what I can tell you is that she makes it in one piece to the contest with a lot of bumps along the way but will her same friends be there to help her through the rough times? Or will it be down to her new friend Kate? Only time will tell.

******* Just a little warning, there is quite a lot of swearing in this so if that disgusts you and yada yada then don't read but if you don't mind please read this!!!!! Thanks KeiraLovesFashion xxx **********


5. Old friends, enemies, betrayal, kidnapped, the kiss, party, locked up

"Ok what do you want today?" they laughed so I obviously nailed whatever they were going to say "Your purse" "Look just fuck off and leave her alone Mike" Kate said well I was glad I had her there "What did you just say" "I said fuck off and leave her alone" and I think I heard her whisper "Or I'll tell mum" and they walked away "Thanks and how did you get them to go away?" "Mikes my brother our mum dosent know that he's a bully so if I threaten him with that he stops they shouldn't be bothering you again" we both laughed then went to science now I was getting evils from her brother or it might be to Kate since she was beside me at lunch they didn't bother me at all and then through the last class after school I met Kate by her locker " You want a lift home?" "In the limo? Do you really have to ask?" we both laughed I phoned Stephan when we got outside "Hello Miss Ashley, would you like a lift home?" "Hi Stephan yes I would thanks and is it ok if we can drop my friend of at her house?" "Of course it is I will be there in 10 minutes" we both said bye then he hung up "since we got out early I think by the time Stephan gets here people will only be starting to come out" "Who cares if they see" we both laughed then joked around on the grass then the bell went and everyone came out and then Stephan arrived in the limo. He held the door open for me and Kate and when we looked out the window every one was staring we laughed so hard. Kate told Stephan where she lived and we set of we out the music on and started dancing we arrived in 56th street and dropped Kate off then we went to my block "Thanks Stephan" "Your welcome miss Ashley and your friend is welcome any time she's very nice" "I'll tell her that" then I got out and he drove off I got to lift but then realised I needed to get the post and get it to be out through the letter box from now on when I came back I got in the lift and just as they closed I saw Drake so I opened the door so he could get in "Thanks" "It's ok" "Do you really get a limo ride to school?" "Yeah anywhere I want to go actually" he looked so shocked "I'll never get used to it though it feels like a dream" we both laughed then the lift stopped on his floor he was away to say something but the lift doors shut before he could say it. I wonder what it was? It takes about 2 minutes in the lift to go up the 17 floors to my apartment when I got in there was a note on the table it said ; Hey Ashley sorry this is last minute but I have to go on a big business trip for 2 weeks it's about some mega big cases so I have to go iv left you $2000 so spend it wisely, please look after yourself when I'm gone, love mum xxx.
Great left alone for 2 weeks in a city I still don't know what could be better then my phone went Miley's caller ID wonder what's the matter "Hey Miley" "Hey Ashley, I'm at the airport iv got some friends with me, where do you live? So we can get a taxi" "Don't waste your money Miley I'll get Stephan our driver to come pick you up" "You have a driver?" "Yeah I'll explain later, just wait outside see you soon" "Ok see you soon Ashley" I hung up then dialled Stephans number "Hello Miss Ashley how can I help?" "Hi Stephan would you be able to go and pick my friends up from the airport? They didnt say they were coming out" "Of course what's their names so I know who to pick up" "Just ask for a Miley Wills" "I will go pick them up now" "Thanks" he hung up I decided to check the spare rooms were made up they were there was 5 spare rooms that should be enough I sat and watched t.v for a but whilst on Facebook. Drake was online and he started talking "Hey Ashley" "Hey Drake" "I was wondering if you wanted to come around for a bit?" "I'd love to but I can't my best friend Miley just phoned she's at the airport and apparently shes brought some of our friends thats all she said so they should be here soon" "Cool, can I come up later?" "Sure I'll let you know when you can, iv got to go" "Bye" "Bye" I sat there for 10 minutes then there was a knock at the door it had to be Miley I ran over and answered it "Ashley!" Miley said then hugged me tight "Hey Miley, you can you know let go now" "Sorry, I'll text the others and let them know they can come up, we weren't sure if the driver guy brought us to the right place" I laughed "Enjoy the limo ride?" "Are you fucking kidding we loved it! You need to tell us how all of this is real" we both laughed then the lift pinged and Sarah, Aubrey, Cara and Mia came out "The others are just coming" "Others? Miley did you bring everyone I know with you?" we all laughed " I missed you guys, school ain't the same without you or when you only have 2 friends" "You have 2 friends?" Mia said "Yeah I got picked on on my first day and the fact theat I came halfway through the year dosent help" the lift pinged again and Max, Skyler, Justin, Sam and Jake came out "Ok everyone go inside other wise there will be no room in this hall way" we all laughed and everyone came inside "Right first things first close your mouths yes this is a penthouse apartment, yes I have my own driver in a limo, yes I'm here alone my mums on a business trip, and how long are you staying for?" "3 weeks if that's ok" Skyler said "Yeah that's fine the only problem is, your going to have to share beds I only have 5 spare rooms" "We can sort that our later" Sarah said then they all came and gave me a big hug "Ok ok I missed you guys to now let go before I loose all my breath" then everyone laughed "Right well you guys stay here look around and I need to go to the shops for more food" they nodded and spread out around my apartment and I went to the lift and got in when I got to the bottom I bumped into Drakes friends, great, I quickly text Miley saying lock the door and don't let anyone in "Aw look my little sisters friend" "Ugh just leave me alone" "Where are you going" he said harshly "None of your fucking business" "Oh that's quite a temper you have there " one of the other guys said I got a text back from Miley "Ashley what's wrong? Why do we need to lock the door?" "Miley please!! Just lock the door and stay inside!" "Not until you tell me what's wrong" "Fine look it's just Hesse guys that have been bullying me and threatening me please lock the door and don't let anyone leave until I come back" "Stop texting and look at us!" one of the guys said "What do you want?" "We'll tell you once you come with us" "Fat chance" then they grabbed me and started pulling me away I managed to text Miley saying "Miley help! Their taking me somewhere and won't let go I'm scared!" god I hope she got the message in time "Where are you taking me!?" they ignored me "Text Drake and tell him to come to hide out" one of them sent the text then they got a phone call "Drake just come" something on the other end obviously Drake "Wev done another part of the plan now meet us at the den" plan? What plan! I knew they were bullies but I didn't know that I was part of a plan! They finished the phone call then my phone vibrated in my pocket but I couldn't answer it they got into a taxi and pulled me along with them they wouldn't let me look out of the window wherever we were Drake was standing there waiting then when he saw me he looked really shocked "What the fuck does she have to do with the plan?" "Just knock her out so she dosent hear this" then someone hit me over the head and I fell to the floor my head hurt so much but I could still hear a little "We are not going to force her into the competition just to give us the money" "Yes we are Drake" "I was never a part of this plan and neither was she" "Well we saw her practising her dancing so now she is" "Well I quit this gang and you all know without me you'll slip up and get caught so it's up to you let her go and I stay or keep her and I go you choose" bye this point I had woken up to find myself tied to a wall with chains "Well she's awake now" "Drake if you leave we will tell everyone your secret" "Fine I'll stay but don't force her into the dancing competition" "Good choice we'll be back in 20 minutes she better be there when we get back" Drake looked at me "What's going on, I'm not entering a dancing competition, just tell me where we are" "In an alleyway in 65th street, no one ever comes here" I managed to kick him where it hurts and he fell over I could text so I told Miley where I was and she had to be fast. 10 minutes later I could here running footsteps coming towards us Drake was still on the floor but then Max, Justin, Skyler, Sam and Jake came around the corner. They stopped but then they saw me tied to the wall and Drake on the floor and ran towards me "Are you ok Ashley?" Max said "Yeah can you just get me out of these chains before they get back" they nodded and managed to break me free "Let's go" Jake said "What about him?" Sam asked I walked over to Drake "To think I thought you were my friend Drake when you knew what they were going to do to me" "Ashley come on" Skyler said so I followed them Sam and Max walked in front of me and Jake, Justin and Skyler walked behind me it was their way of making sure I was safe we walked for about 20 minutes till we got back to the apartment block when we got in the lift out of the corner of my eye I saw Drake come into the building. I can't believe I thought he was my friend he didn't come to say sorry he came to spy on me. But what was this competition? If there was money it was obviously a lot for them to need to kidnap me we got to my floor and Sam nocked on the door "Cara let us in" then she un locked the door "Oh my god Ashley your ok, what did they do to you?" Aubrey said as she hugged me "Guys I just want to forget this ever happened, no talking about, no acting like it happened and NO ONE tells my mum a word of this got it" they all nodded "I'm going to bed I'm really tired you guys sort out where you want to sleep" and I walked into my room and fell asleep crying.

Then I got woken up by my alarm clock I forgot I had to go to school I could here them talking from the living room so I got showered tied my hair up in a pony tail and got dressed I chose blue ripped jeans, white superdry tank top, black pumps, leather jacket and did smokey eye look and grabbed my bag and went to the living room to my surprise it was the guys that were up "Hey Ashley, your up early where are you going?" "Hey, I'm surprised you guys are up and the holidays here are different iv got school to go to" they looked surprised they obviously thought the holidays were the same "Oh right, do you need us to enroll for a bit?" "Nah it's ok iv got my friend Kate her brother was one of the guys they don't bother me at all when she's around" "Alright well make sure you text us, have a good day" "I will and you to but just don't trash my apartment, don't answer the door or the phone and here's a spare key incase you need it" "Bye Ashley" "Bye guys" then Stephan was waiting for me and luckily I dodged Drake and his friends I got to school and Kaye was there waiting for me "OMG are you ok? My bro told me what they did" she said whilst hugging me I hugged her back "Yeah I'm ok luckily my friends got here yesterday so they came and practically saved my life" we laughed then walked in I saw Drake so I went down the other corridor luckily Kate followed me and we had all the same classes at lunch time Drake and Mike and co. came over to is we ignored them and walked away I almost burst out crying "Ashley are you ok?" "Yeah I'll be fine, shit I forgot I need to text my friends they said I have to so they know I wasn't kidnapped again" we both laughed I text Sarah "Hey Sarah, I'm fine sorry for not texting earlier spent my day with Kate dodging practically everyone and iv not been kidnapped what have you been up to?" "So how any people are actually staying at your apartment?" Kate asked "10 people" she looked so shocked "My best friends and some of my friends ; Sarah, Miley, Aubrey, Cara, Mia, Jake, Skyker, Sam, Max and Justin" we both laughed "Thats a lot of people to be staying with you" we went out to the front of he school and lay down on the grass and started gossiping the there was a shadow over us we sat up "D drake what do you want?" I managed to stammer out "Drake do us both a favour and fuck off" Kate said, ah she always got to the point "I want to talk to Ashley. In private" "No fucking chance go away" I said he didn't move so me and Kate got up and walked away "Well what do we do for 20 minutes" "Come on lets go to the dance studio I want to see you dance" "Fine come on" I got a text from Sarah "That's good we were getting worried, well the guys locked them selves on the balcony for an hour before we let them out, and then we eavesdropped on them and we know who likes you haha" "You can be so annoying and Stephan text me he has to take my mum somewhere can you guys make your way to NYH? I don't want to walk home alone" "Course when do finish?" "In an hour" "We'll be there then" by that time we had gotten to the dance studios and I unlocked the door and we went in I put the music on and showed Kate the new routine I had been practising then I tried to teach her ballet but we both ended up on the floor then the bell went I locked up and we walked to social studies unfortunately Drake and Mike were at our table but we ignored them the whole period then the bell went finally we got to our lockers and I found a note in mine that said sorry. I ripped it up and put it in the bin then we walked out said our goodbyes and I saw my friends standing there looking so cool I walked up and Miley gave me a hug "Ok enough with the hugging Miley" we both laughed then we all walked back when I checked my phone I had 4 new Facebook messages from drake ;Sorry. Sorry Ashley. Please talk to me. I'm so so so sorry Ashley please forgive me. I ignored all of them and unlocked the door when we got in I teased the boys a bit "So I hear you got locked out today haha" they got embaresssd and stormed off we all laughed our heads off. "Right Sarah talk" I said when we sat down "About what?" "The eavesdropping you were doing whilst I was dodging a gang of bully.kidnappers with Kate" she laughed and tried to look innocent "Ok fine I'll tell you later I just had a thought you know the guys have never seen you dance just us and your mum" I thought about it she was right they hadnt "Yeah and that might not change, you guys do what ever yo want iv got homework to do" then I walked out I hated it when they talked about things like that, but the thing none of them knew was that I sung as well I sat and did homework and listened to music for hours then Mia nocked on my door "Ashley can I come in?" "Yeah come in Mia" I went and turned my music off "What's up?" "Well we're all going out for a meal then we're going to a party wanna come?" I sighed "As much as I would love to I can't iv got school in the morning" "Oh yeah we forgot about that, we really should have checked with you before coming her shouldn't we" "Yeah but I can explore New York anytime, you guys have fun" "Ok then, we'll probably be back when your asleep" we hugged then they all left I made my self a pizza then went down to Starbucks for a hot chocolate I got there and the line wasn't that long so I went in line "Next please" the cashier said "A hot chocolate and a chocolate muffin please" "That will be $5.50" I handed over the money then waited for my food "Thanks for buying with starbucks come again soon" I walked out and it was freezing I should have brought a jacket with me oh well I walked back up to the apartment block and Drake was standing there "Ashley we need to talk" "No we dont know fuck off and leave me alone" I walked into the lift and the doers closed before he could get in "I'm not letting him make me upset" I said in my head again and again. When the lift beeped I practically ran to the apartment and sank down in my bed munching in my chocolate muffin and sipping my hot chocolate. I looked at my clock it was 9:00 I decided I would do some singing to pass the time I switched on my laptop and went on to a lyrics page and the first one I saw was Gabrielle Aplin the power of love so I clicked on it and started singing the lyrics seemed to just flow out and I don't think it sounded that bad either I was so busy singing I didn't hear the door open or then fact hat someone was leaning on my door from the other side listening to me sing when I finished the door opened and I jumped up afraid of who it was but it was actually just Max "Ok how come your back so early, why didn't you nock and how long have you been there" we're the first things to come out "Hi Ashley, I was bored and the others got kinda drunk and I couldn't put up with them any longer so I left, I forgot, and about 5 minutes on the other side of the door" god he had heard me sing so I chucked a pillow at him "What was that for?" he said whilst laughing "Leaving them out in New York, drunk, not nocking and eavesdropping" he burst out in fits of laughter "You know your a really good singer?" "Nope and don't you dare tell the others I can sing I never wanted anyone to know I can sing" I grabbed some pumps a leather jacket and got my phone "Em what are you doing Ashley" "Take me to that party now" "Nuh un your not going to a party when you have school tomorrow" I sighed "I'm going to get them back dumb ass, now come on when we get there I'll call Stephan to come and get us" "Fine come on its a 20 minute walk " when we got to the door Drake came through "Ashley please listen to me" "I told you to fuck off and leave me alone Drake" then walked out "You know you should probably her what he has to say Ashley" Max said I ignored him and we walked in silence for about 15 more minutes "Where the hell is this party Max!" I almost screamed " "Calm down its just along here" we got to a house with music blasting off everywhere "Ok where is here anyway?" I said "I dunno ask someone inside" I sighed I looked around for a sign then phoned Stephan and he said he'd wait for us outside "Right let's go find them" as soon as we got in I spotted Miley, Sarah, Aubrey, Cara and Mia "Right come on we're leaving and I pushed them out 2 minutes later Mike came out with Skyler, Sam, Jake and Justin. Then Stephan came and I pushed them all into the limo they were all so drunk we got to the apartment and I thanked Stephan and he drove off we got to the lift and that was a problem "Max you take them all in the lift I'll run up the stairs I could do with the exercise anyway" he nodded and I started running I didn't realise how many stairs there was and I got to the second floor and needed a rest so I sat on the steps for a bit then I saw Drake come out of his apartment and then he spied me so I started running again I got to the 10th floor and needed a rest again then I heard someone coming up the stairs again but I needed a rest so I stayed put "Ashley, why are you running up the stairs to get to your apartment?" Drake said "I sent my friends up in the lift they were all drunk so I had to go get them" "Ok.." he said back in confusion "I gotta go" then ran off again I think I heard him behind me saying "Wow she's fast at running"
I got to my apartment and they were all lying on the floor drunk and passed out and it appears that had drink with them since Max was passed out to, so much for them being 16 and "responsible" I'm 15 but it's my birthday soon I'm the youngest of the lot but the most responsible. I managed to step over them and unlock the door after I threw my bag on the couch and dragged them one by one into the apartment and locked the door. I dragged Skyler and Jake into their room then Max and Justin then left Sam for the now then I got a hold of Mia and Cara put them in their room then Sarah and Miley and that left Aubrey. I put Aubrey and Sam in the same room but on separate beds then I locked each of their rooms and went to bed I collapsed as soon as I got to my bed it took forever to put them to bed and it was midnight after I managed to get to sleep in the morning when my alarm went off I wanted to stay in bed but I got up got dressed today I was wearing a studded black cross top, ripped shorts, black wedges and smokey eye make up. My phone went as I came out of my room it was my mum "Hey mum" "Hj Ashley how are you? Is everything ok? I hope your not lonely" I laughed how could I be lonely with 10 people staying with me? "I'm good mum, everything's fine but I'm certainly not lonely" "How?" there was a bit of worry in her voice "Relax mum, Miley, Cara, Sarah, Aubrey, Mia, Skyler, Max, Jake, Justin and Sam are here they flew out as a surprise for me their staying in the spare rooms they'll be here for 2 more weeks" she laughed "So your running a hotel now are you?" we both laughed "I better get to school mum bye love you" "love you" then I hung up I went and made sandwiches and got bottles of water and put them in everyone's rooms and sent them all a text saying "Morning, iv left you food have a good day don't throw up too much A xxx" as soon as I was leaving I heard someone try to open the door I ran away, fast. As usual Stephan was waiting for me "Good morning miss Ashley how are your friends today?" he asked when I got in "Morning, I don't really know they were just waking up when I left iv left them food and locked them in their rooms, I don't want them throwing up everywhere" he gave a slight laugh "Wise decision" we got to school I thanked him and found Kate "God you look exhausted what happened?" she said as she hugged me we sat down on the grass as usual "Well my friends decided to be so smart and go to a party and get drunk max was ok he helped me find them we got back and he had passed out at the door like everyone else whilst I ran up 17 flights of stairs I had to drag them all in and out them in bed by the time I got to sleep it was about 12 I'm nakered, I locked them in this morning with food in their rooms" we both laughed "Well you had an interesting night" then the bell went "Come we've got science" we almost ran into Drake and her brother so we went the other way and snuck into class late I got a text from Skyler "Ashley why the fuck are we all locked in our rooms?! S x" Kate saw the text and laughed "Well your all probably hung over seeing as you PASSED out at my DOOR DRUNK last night s I locked you in I didn't want you being sick all over my apartment, love you too haha A x" we both laughed and Drake was staring at me watching me laugh which was creepy i got a text back from Skyler "Fuck you Ashley, love you too :P S x" that made us laugh and thn Drake looked away at lunch I got a call from them whilst I was in the dance studio with Kate I u it on loud speaker Miley spoke first "Hey Ashley do you mind getting the fuck home and unlocking us?" then Skyler spoke they must all be on loud speaker "Ashley you know we love you but we will break the doors down and kill you" then I heard about 3 people be sick "And see what I mean people being sick" Kate and I laughed "Who's there with you?" Mia said "Just Kate, we were dancing when you called" "When do we get to see you dance?" Justin said

"Soon, I promise" me and Kate laughed when we heard someone being sick "Ok who was just sick?" "Aubrey, and she's mad at you for putting her in a room with Sam by the way" Miley answered then the bell went "Fuck Ashley we're going to be really late!!!" Kate said "Guys weve gotta go" then I hung up we put everything away locked up and ran to English we ran in 5 minutes late, "And where have you two been Stewart and Simmons?" we stared at each other then I answered "Sorry Miss our lockers got jammed so we couldnt get them open to get our books" "Fine, sit down and get your jotters out" we went and sat down we're at takes of two and Kate's on the other side of the class and I sit beside Drake great and to make matters worse we have to do Romeo and Juliet and act it out as English has become Drama for today. Is god punishing me? Is this really what I get for locking my friends in their rooms? Well we all have to act out a love declaration scene with our partners so this is why we all sit beside a boy. We got given our scripts and got given a location to go practise in the school and we got my dancing studio "Shall we start practising then?" I nodded we got about half way through it then the worst part appeared (this was a modern day version) "Romeo this is wrong for you to love me, I'm useless at everything I can give you nothing" he took my chin in his hands and turned it to face him "Juliet you are not useless how dare you speak so badly of yourself" "But I am I can't do anything right" I looked away. When it came to the kiss we were supposed to pretend to do it not actually kiss. I started to walk away "Juliet let me give you something before you leave" I turned around and walked back to him "What is it?" "This" then instead of faking it he actually kissed me I pulled back as soon as he did that "Drake!!! What are you doing?! Your meant to fake it!" "We are? Oops let's try it again then" I nodded we did the last line again but he properly kissed me again "Drake!" he pulled away with a smile on his face I sat down on the sofa that's in there and then he sat next to me for the whole period when the bell went I was more than ready to go home as soon as it went I was up at the door "Ashley wait. I'm sorry I just really like you" I stopped when he said that but didn't say anything then turned around just go away Drake" but then he came and kissed me pationatley I ran away, I ran passed Kate and she saw me crying and tried to run after me but I was too fast luckily Stephan had to do something for my mum so he couldn't pick me up and I just ran all the way back to the apartment crying when I got in I quickly unlocked everyone's doors and ram to mine just as I got in I heard the doors open and them walk out so I ran faster I ran into my room and locked the door then lay on my bed crying I heard them knock on my door a few times but I ignored them and went to sleep. I woke up suddenly to hear my phone going off Drakes number I declined it then I heard Sarah at my door "Ashley open up please" I walked over to the door "Why?" "Ashkey I promise you I'm on my own please let me in" so I unlocked the door and let her in she was alone "Where are the others?" "They went out for something to eat, what's wrong why were you crying?" "I was only crying for a little bit...." "I know you were Ashley we've been best friends since we were tiny tell me what's wrong" "D drake" she got a look of evil in her eyes when I said that "What the fuck did he do?!" "He kissed me, 3 times" she looked like she was going to kill him "Explain now before I go kill him" "In english we were doing Romeo and Juliet and we had to act out one of the scenes with the person we sat beside and our teacher put us all beside boys and I sit beside Drake, our teacher gave us all a place to go And we got told to go to the dance studio in the end of the scene there's a kiss but we were meant to fake it but he actually kissed me then I told him we were meant to fake it and we tried the last few lines again but he kissed me again and for the rest of the lesson I sat on the sofa when the bell went I got up to come home but he stopped me I turned around he told me he really liked me then kissed me and I ran out past Kate and ran here unlocked you guys then locked myself in" Sarah looked like she was going to burst then someone said "He did what!!" it sounded like Justin but it couldn't be "Who was that?" then Sarah picked up her phone "Sorry they wanted to know what happened so I out them on loud speaker so they could hear" "Well all of you can fuck off!" I said then pushed Sarah out of my room and locked the door "Ashley let me back in!, I'm sorry but you wouldn't have told everyone" "I thought I could trust you Sarah!" "Im so sorry please let me back in" "No" then I put my music on high so I couldn't hear her about 30 minutes later there was a loud banging on my door "Ashley let us in!!" Skyler said, he was going to break my door down in a minute so I went over to the door and opened it "What?" I said only with the door open a little bit "Ashley we're all sorry we did that but you wouldn't have told us anyway so we had to" Skyler said "Appology accepted now leave me alone" I went to close the door but he stuck his foot in "Nu uh your going to get Drake and bring him up here" "No! You'll just batter him or kill him" "Then what do you want us to do?" "Nothing" I said whilst I tried to keep back the tears "Just fuck off will you?" Mia said from the back then they went away and went onto the balcony and left me alone I said thanks to Mia then locked myself in again. I sat and stained out of my window for ages taking in how beautifully new York really was then my phone went off it was Drake again I decided I would answer just to see what it was he wanted "Ashley? You actually answered this?" "Ugh yes now what do you want I'm trying to lock myself in at the moment" he laughed "I'm serious" "Sorry, look I feel really bad about everything please just let me come up and talk to you" "Fine you have 10 minutes to get here" I hung up, what was I doing if I let him come here they'll kill him. Well they won't not with me infringing of them I fixed my makeup and sat in the living room "Are you ok?" Justin said "Yeah I'm fine, look don't tell anyone but Drakes on his way up here to all to me" he looked angry "Ashley what do you think your doing I'm not going to let you!" and I got mad "IM SICK OF EVERYONE TREATING ME LIKE A LITTLE KID ALL THE TIME ALL YOU GUYS EVER DO IS TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CAN'T DO WHEN HALF THE TIME IM THE RESPONSIBLE ONE WHO BROUGHT YOUR ASSES BACK HERE AT MIDNIGHT AND PUT YOU ALL IN BED WHEN I COULD HAVE JUST LEFT YOU THERE AND WHO'S LETTING YOU ALL STAU HERE FOR 3 WEEKS FOR FREE?? IM GOING OUT AND DON'T FOLLOW ME!!" it appeas I was shouting reall loudly as everyone ca,e out I grabbed my bag and stormed out.
I ran all the way to Central Park then sat down on one of the benches and cried, you probably think I was being a bitch to them, well I didn't mean it but after everything that's happened then they all seem to have forgotten that its my dads death anniversary and I hate this day so much it just brings so much pain me and my dad were really close and he loved me so much and cared for me, him me and mum would always be having fun no matter what kind of day it was but then he got in a stupid car accident and died. I was crying so much there wasn't many people in this part if Central Park so I was mainly on my own but then I was someone come towards me it was it was Skyler.
He sat next to me "I thought I told you not to follow me" I said between crying "Phone tracker" he said as he smiled "Just go away Skyler" "The others forgot it was the day your dad died today I told them and they felt so bad aout it but we decided I should come" Skyler had always been there for me, one of the reasons why I love him as my friend "Come here" he said as he put arms out for a hug so I cuddled up to him and cried.


Sorry if this is really long chapter but this is the rest of the story so far I had already written all of it so far before I joined movellas, I wrote part of it everyday for an hour for 4 weeks, yeah I took a lot of thought into this story :)
I don't want any hate about this (if anyone feels the need to say hate keep it to yourselves as haters-gonna-hate)
And I don't write to try and be popular I write because I like writing :)

Keira x
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