Dance Of My Life

Ashley Stewart hasn't had the best of lives, with her dad dying and all but that soon changes when she moves to New York.
But Ashley has two secret talents, she can sing amazingly and is a brilliant dancer, she meets Drake who was the typical bad ass jock but then he seems to be nice but little does she know what would happen.
She enters a massive dance contest but will she win? Who knows. But what I can tell you is that she makes it in one piece to the contest with a lot of bumps along the way but will her same friends be there to help her through the rough times? Or will it be down to her new friend Kate? Only time will tell.

******* Just a little warning, there is quite a lot of swearing in this so if that disgusts you and yada yada then don't read but if you don't mind please read this!!!!! Thanks KeiraLovesFashion xxx **********


3. Allergies

I went into my room and opened up my laptop Miley was online so we skyped for a bit then I went to get ready my room had the best view over all of New York I chose a leopard print mixi dress, black high heels, same black make up, starightend hair and I was ready to go I checked how much money I had and she had giving me $300 wow. I just sat and watched t.v but then there was nock on the door so I went and answered it, and it was drake "Hi Drake, come in" he followed me in and his jaw hit the floor when he saw the place "This is almost the best view over New York I have ever seen!" "I know right my room has such an awesome view" we just laughed then I went and got my bag "Wow Ashley you look really nice" I blushed "Thanks is ok right?" "Yeah is perfect" "Your looking pretty good yourself" then we laughed "Isn't your mum home?" "No she had to rush of to another meeting" "Oh, shall we get going?" suddenly I started feeling so sick "Hold on I don't feel to good" I ran to my en suite bathroom and started pukeing I think I was there for about 10 minutes as Drake started knocking on the door "Ashley...... Are you ok?" I managed to say "Not really" then started pukeing again "Have you eat anything that you get an allergic reaction to today?" "No I never eat anything with coconut in it" I managed to stop pukeing I brushed my teeth and walked out of the bathroom "Ashley your pale white, maybe we can go another night" "No I'm fine" then I stumbled "Not happening I'm staying here until your mum gets back im not leaving you here ill all night on yor own" I tried to protest "Drake...." "No arguments, can you get changed?" I nodded "Ok then get changed into your pyjamas and I'll be outside" he left me to get changed so I put on my pyjamas well the only ones I could find and they were so figure hugging great, I put my fluffy jumper on top then wandered out and there was a delicious smell coming from the kitchen then Drake came through with 2 plates of soup "Home made tomato soup, this should make you feel a bit better" "Thanks Drake, you really don't have to do this for me" I took a sip of the soup "This is delicious" "Tahnks Ashley and I dont have to but I want to your my friend I'm not leaving you here in your own like this" I gave him a hug and he hugged me back then my phone went "It's my mum, she's on her way back" "Ok, don't worry I cleaned the kitchen and put everything away" "Thanks" then my mum walked through the door to find me in my pyjamas and Drake sitting next to me "Why are you pale? Who's this amd why arent you out there like you said you would be?" I took a deep breath "Mum this is my friend Drake, he insisted on staying with me as I started being sick and I think I ate some coconut at some point today by accident" "Oh my god are you ok?" "Yeah Drake insisted on looking after me" "Thank you for taking care of my daughter Drake" "No problem Mrs Stewart, I better get going, bye Ashley" "Bye Drake" I walked him to the door and watched him go to the lift then when I got back my mum had a weird look on her face "Ashley is that your boyfriend? Is he who you were going out with tonight?" I sighed "Mum Drake is just my friend and yes I was going out with him he was going to give me a little tour of new York at night" she muttered something I think it was more like take you on a date "Ok then, well what did you eat today?" then it struck me mums breakfast bars "Mum what kind of breakfast bars did you buy?" "Oh god they have coconut in them did you have one?" "Yeah I did" she looked so guilty "Oh I'm so sorry Ashley, you should probably go to bed" "It's ok mum, and good night" "Good night" I walked to my room and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out. In my dream it went through my day and apart from being bullied and throwing up it was a great day then I woke up again my alarm clock was going it was 6 o'clock I got out of bed and went and had toast with my mum then she went to work "Have a good day and if you want a lift to school just phone Stephan and he'll come back for you" "Thanks mum and you have a good day too" then she grabbed her bag and went to the lift. It was a sunny day so I decided to wear my really short denim shorts, jack wills tank top, pink pumps, hair just brushed and pinned up in a fancy bun, light natural make up and then I left to go to school as I got out of the lift I saw Drake's friends sitting waiting for him so I quickly text Stephan to come pick me up with a please at the end and he came right away. Holy crap it was a limousine I get to show up to school in a limousine yes!! He stood out and they looked around to see me then the limousine and they were super shocked to see me walk in as Stephan held the door open for me. Stephan was a really nice man so I talked to him "Stephan how can my mums company afford to give this to her?" "Miss Ashley your mothers company are the best in the whole world and your mother is very high up so she gets all these luxuries" I took in what he said. By the time we reached the school I had 10 minutes to spare and as I got out people were staring at me but then Kate walked over and we walked in "Am I dreaming or did I seriously just see you get out of a limo?" I laughed "Your wide awake and yeah you did, my mums got a high up position as a Lawyer and it's the Robson Lawyers so she gets all these luxuries, I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and it was all a dream" we both laughed put our stuff in our lockers then went and sat outside for 10 minutes we just talked for ages about girls stuff then Drake's friends came over but he was standing at the back.
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