Dance Of My Life

Ashley Stewart hasn't had the best of lives, with her dad dying and all but that soon changes when she moves to New York.
But Ashley has two secret talents, she can sing amazingly and is a brilliant dancer, she meets Drake who was the typical bad ass jock but then he seems to be nice but little does she know what would happen.
She enters a massive dance contest but will she win? Who knows. But what I can tell you is that she makes it in one piece to the contest with a lot of bumps along the way but will her same friends be there to help her through the rough times? Or will it be down to her new friend Kate? Only time will tell.

******* Just a little warning, there is quite a lot of swearing in this so if that disgusts you and yada yada then don't read but if you don't mind please read this!!!!! Thanks KeiraLovesFashion xxx **********


2. A New Friend

By the end of the day I was nackered but I wanted to do some dancing so I went to the P.E base and nocked on the door "Yes Ashley" my P.E teacher Miss Smith said "Hi Miss Smith I was wondering if I could use one of the dance studios to practise in?" during the tour Kate gave me she showed me the dance studios "Of course you can will you be using them often?" she said "Yeah I will" "Ok hold on a minute Ashley" she said as she wen back inside then came back out "Here's the key to the dance studio you can keep it but if I need back you need to give it to me and other people use the studios as well" she said as she handed me a key "Thanks Miss Smith" I said as I walked towards the dance studio I unlocked it and put my music on whilst changing into my trainers and I started dancing I managed to master a part of the routine I was doing its a really complicated few moves then a summer sault and I done it perfectly then I thought I saw someone staring through the window when I turned around they were gone but I just finished up and changed me shoes then walked out and as I did I tripped over someone's bag then looked to my side to see the guy I kicked earlier on peeking through the window "Spying on me or something?" I said and he turned around shocked that I was there "No why would I be spying on you?" he said back "I don't know you tell me? And what do you want? If you want my phone or my money again you can fuck off" for a moment he didn't answer "Look I came to find you to say sorry it's just a thing they do pick on the newbies, I wasnt going to hurt you earlier I got rid of them so they wouldn't hurt you and great dancing by the way who thought you?" I was shocked he didn't want to hurt me "You weren't going to hurt me?" he shook his head "Oh, I'm sorry for kicking you earlier and I tought myself I didn't take lessons" he looked shocked "It's ok, really? You look like you took professional lessons, I'm Drake by the way" he said whilst he extended his hand some took it "I'm Ashley, and thanks my friends said that all the time" as I mentioned my friends I got really upset "Are you ok?" he asked "Yeah I'm fine I'm just missing my best friends it's really tough starting a new school with out knowing anyone so far I only have one friend" I said back "Well I can make that two if you want?" he said smiling "Thanks do you mind maybe showing me around New York? I honestly have no idea how to get home, I know that sounds really stupid but I only arrived this morning so I havent really gotten a chance to look around" I asked hoping he was a nice guy "Sure, where exactly do you live so I can show you how to get there?" shit I don't know my address I quickly looked at my phone to the text my driver gave me with my address on it "Erm the Acer Apartment block" he looked so shocked "What is it?" "You do know that the most expensive apartment block in the whole city right?" "I do now" we both laughed and started walking "So which apartment do you stay in? I live on the second floor" "You live here to? The penthouse suite on the top" his jaw hit the floor I laughed again "Seriously? What does your mum and dad do for a living?" oh god he mentioned my dad "My mums a lawyer the company payed for this and my d-dad is d-dead" I didn't meant to but I burst out crying "Oh my god Ashley I'm so sorry" he said whilst he gave me a hug "Sorry I must look like such an idiot crying" now I was embarrassed "Ashley your not an idiot, do you want me to give you a tour later? New York can be so pretty at night" wait, was he just giving me a tour or was he asking me out? I'll go with tour "Sure well there isn't really a number since its the only apartment on the floor, I'll see you later then" I said "How about I pick you up at 6?" "Sounds great" I walked over to the office bit and he shouted "Aren't you coming in the lift?" "Oh my mum asked em if I could go verify our address I'll see you later" I shouted back as he got in the lift. Weird we can go from being enemy's to friends in one day I verified our address and went up to the apartment then it struck me mum was at work and she hadn't given me a key. Shit. "Hello? Ashley what do you need hunny I'm busy" "Hi mum you didn't give me a key and I'm locked out" I said I think she cursed something under her breath "Do you have a friends house you could go to?" well I do but I don't know which apartment he lives in "No not really mum" "Can you maybe text one of your friends and ask if you can come around for a bit?" I sighed she always forgot things sometimes I wonder how she can be a brilliant lawyer "Yeah sure what ever, bye mum" "Bye" then I hung up. What was I going to do? Kate said her phone wasn't working so I couldn't text her and I don't know Drakes number, maybe Facebook would work? I logged onto my Facebook on my phone and thankfully Drake was online I typed him a message "Hi Drake, I was wondering if I could come round for a bit? My mum forgot to give me a key and she won't be back till 4 and I don't really want to sit on the floor for 3 hours" he replied really fast "Yeah sure my apartments number 5 it's on the second floor" "Thanks I'll be there in a minute" then I went offline and stood waiting for the lift to arrive then I pressed the second floor button and waited whilst it took me down 15 floors till I arrived I went over to apartment 5 and nocked on the door. A man came to the door his dad I think "Hello how can I help you?" he said politely "Hi is Drake in?" god I hope I got the right flat "Yes come in I'll go get him for you" "Thanks" I walked in behind the man and stood in the living room waiting for him Drake walked through rolling his eyes at his dad I had to try so hard not to laugh "Hey Ashley come on through" he said whilst he took me to his room it was painted blue and was really stylish, messy but stylish. I sat on the sofa whilst he sat on a chair "Sorry about the mess" "It's ok, thanks for letting me come over" I said "No problem so you seriously were locked out?" "Yeah my mum being the nut head she is and always rushing she forgot to give me my key this morning" he laughed and so did I "So when did you start dancing?" "When I was 12, I had tried other things to cheer myself up since I was 9 but nothing else really worked for long but then I started dancing and that makes me feel better" he looked really sad "Your dad died when you were 9?" I nodded trying to hold back my tears "That's way worse than if you were so little and couldnt remember him he came over and gave me another hug and then I noticed loads of dancing stuff around his room "Do you dance as well?" he looked embarrassed "Yeah I do please don't tell anyone they think that dancing is really stupid thats why I pretended to stop so they would be mean to me, look I'm really sorry about what they did I hate it when they do that but every one else thinks I'm a dick head jock nut they don't so I have to hang around with them" wow I thought he liked that how could I be so wrong "I won't tell anyone and I don't think your a dick head jock, well I did at the start if the day but not now" he smiled at me I smiled back "Well let's see your dancing then" "Im not nearly as good as you" he argued "Pleeeeease for me?" I put puppy dog eyes on and he agreed then when he started he fell over during the routine "See when ever I try I fall over" I shook my head "Your dancings great your problems are balance and footing, work on them and it will be a lot easier" he smiled "Well how do you do it?" "Simple I usually go for a jog every morning one when I come home sometimes, go to the gym, cycle and I do ballet and yoga and it really does help" he looked at me sarcastically "Your telling me to do yoga and ballet? Do you seriously do all that stuff?" "Yes I am and it helps and honestly I do" we both started laughing then we just sat and talked for ages then my phone went of "Hello? Hi mum" "Hi sweetie I'm home now you can come back" "Cool thanks I'll be there soon" "Bye" "Bye" I hung up "Iv gotta go are we still on for tonight?" "Yeah i'll take you somewhere to eat first theres a really nice restarount" "Cool" he walked me to his door "Bye drake" "Bye Ashley" I walked to lift and took the 15 floor ride up to my apartment i went up to the door and it was open and my mum was standing there waiting for me "I'm so sorry here's your key, will you be ok tonight? I have to go to an all night meeting" "I'll be fine I'm going out with some friends anyway" "Where are you going?" yup she was worried already "Wer just going out to eat then their gonna show me around new York" I gave her a hug "Fine but be careful, here's some money bye" "Bye mum and I'll be careful" then she scurried off back to work.

******Authors Note*******

Hi, I know I just posted a chapter but I decided to post another, can I just point out that to this point it had taken me a few weeks to write and I hadn't put chapters in so before I upload I go and try to fit chapters in which is very hard so if they don't really make sense chapter wise then that's why. :)
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