Dance Of My Life

Ashley Stewart hasn't had the best of lives, with her dad dying and all but that soon changes when she moves to New York.
But Ashley has two secret talents, she can sing amazingly and is a brilliant dancer, she meets Drake who was the typical bad ass jock but then he seems to be nice but little does she know what would happen.
She enters a massive dance contest but will she win? Who knows. But what I can tell you is that she makes it in one piece to the contest with a lot of bumps along the way but will her same friends be there to help her through the rough times? Or will it be down to her new friend Kate? Only time will tell.

******* Just a little warning, there is quite a lot of swearing in this so if that disgusts you and yada yada then don't read but if you don't mind please read this!!!!! Thanks KeiraLovesFashion xxx **********


1. The Big Move To The Big Apple

If anyone were to ever ask me what my favourite hobby was I would be able to answer in a second Street dancing. I started when I was 12 just dancing around with my friends but then I realised that I loved it and it made me happy so I watched videos online as I couldn't find an lessons near by and after 3
years of practising I got really good. But my only problem was no one apart from my friends knew I could dance like this and that bugged me but then the day came where all that changed.
I went over to my iPod dock and put on my remix music so I could start practising I put the playlist on shuffle and Let's go came on and I waited for the right moment then I started dancing. Anyone who could have just seen me right there might have thought I had been taking professional lessons. Then just as I was finishing off my mum came in and clapped for me, she's very proud of my dancing. "Hun we need to talk, I have something important to tell you" she said once I had finished properly I sat down on the sofa in my room and replied "What is it? Did you get promoted again?" I hope she hasn't been promoted again that always meant we had to move somewhere she hadn't been promoted for 5 years, why now? "Yes I have been promoted, we have to move to New York." I was shocked not that she had been promoted but we were moving to New York, the ups were I might be discovered there but I didn't want to leave all my friends behind "New York? Isn't that where all the high up positions are?" she started smiling so much "It is they want me to start dealing with bigger cases" I started smiling for her this was all she wanted from the day she started as a lawyer and now she achieved her dream . I was so proud of my mum “So when do we leave?” I said I hoped it was soon I hate goodbyes “In a week, all the stuff will be taken to our apartment, you’ll love it!” I nodded then she walked out as soon as she left I text my best friends Miley Wills, Sarah Bain and Aubrey Wood saying ; Girls come ova here ASAP got important stuff 2 tell U A xxx. Almost as soon as I sent it they were at my door “Hey come in” I said as I opened the door and we went up to my room and then as soon as we sat down the questions started rolling of their tounges “Whats wrong??” Miley said then Sarah said “Your not giving up dancing are you?” then Aubrey being the peace maker said “Give her a chance to talk guys, Ashley whats up?” I let out a sigh of relief for Aubrey always calming every one down “Thanks Aub, look guys I have to move” they all just stared at me not saying anything honestly that scared me “Please say something guys” then Sarah said “Where to?” “New York” and their jaws hit the floor but Miley just smiled “Ok well I’ll admit we wont see each other as much but my aunt lives there and she lets me bring any one I want with me and she’ll pay so all our friends can come visit as well” I went and hugqged Miley “Thank god for your aunt” but then my mum interrupted us “Ashley, my company phoned change of plan, we’re moving tomorrow, girls you better go its 9:00” the girls all hugged me then I went to bed.
Last night I dreamt of being a famous dancer it was such a nice dream it was new years eve and I was in the stage dancing and the whole crowd was cheering my name but then I woke up, today is the day I'm going to move to new York. Oddly when I woke up all my stuff was gone "Mum where is all me stuff?" I shouted to her room then she came in "Sorry Ashley I forgot to tell you I put all your stuff in the moving truck we leave in half an hour" then walked out. Great all she left out were my clothes and my make up stuff I quickly put together an outfit of black ripped skinny jeans, pink tank top, leather jacket, high heeled boots, smokey eye look and curled my hair. But then I looked at my clock it was five o'clock in the morning, no wonder I was still tired. I took one last glance around my room and went out to the car then I fell asleep in the car on the way to New York, when I woke up it was about seven and we drove through New York it's a beautiful city and when we stopped we were in the posh district then took the lift up to the top floor "The penthouse apartment, you can't be serious!!!" I was jumping up and down "Yup this is our new home Ashley" I ran in and went into one of the bedrooms I could tell it was mine since all my stuff was already aranged "You like it?" my mum asked as I hugged her "I love it! But please don't tell me I'm going to a private school ....." I pulled away "Shit I forgot about school and no your going to the public school it's about 10 minutes away and go get your bag you start in half an hour" I sighed school today "How am I getting there and back?" my mum was fixing her hair "The driver will take you there, his numbers in you're phone In case you need it you can walk home, give you a chance to explore. Now come on" I followed her out and we went down in the lift and got to the car the driver took us to New York high and waited for my mum outside we went to the office and the lady at the office shouted my name "Ashley Stewart to the principles office please" so me and my mum walked in and sat down "Hello Ashley welcome to NYH, here's your locker key and timetable go before classes start I need to sign so e papers with your mother"Yes sir, bye mum" then I walked out as I was walking to my locker I was getting some weird looks so I just looked a head till I got to my locker as I closed it there was a group of people standing there, the poplars I think "Well well looks like we've got a newbie here" one of the guys said the others laughed great I'm here for 10 minutes and I'm already getting picked on I tried to move out of the way but they blocked my path "What do you want" I said getting irritated "Your phone or money" one of the bigger guys said "Fat chance now leave me alone" 2 of the guys looked at each other then pulled me by the arm and pulled me outside and the others followed then they pushed me over and looked through my bag chucked all my things on the floor and then nicked my iPhone but then one of the guys said "Guys let me handle this one you guys go back inside" and they listened to him then walked away I managed to get up wiped the dirt of my jeans got my stuff and walked away but he pulled me back "What the fuck are you doing let go of me!" I aid whilst he grabbed my wrist he didn't let go so I kicked him where it hurt and walked of to my first class science and lucky for me all of them are in my classes I walked in and the looked confused then the guy came in late and they looked even more confused. I had to sit at a desk with a girl called Kate he was very nice we hung around during class then she let me eat lunch with her.
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