Summer Love

Elena and Audrey claimed to be the most dedicated directioners out there. What happens when they get to spend the whole summer with One Direction? Will things go wrong or will they turn out for the best? Read and find out!!!:)


2. Getting ready

DATE: May 27, 2012


Elena's POV


"Hey it’s time to get up; we have a lot of things to do today. We have 2 more days to finish our packing and say goodbye to everyone!" Audrey said to me while jumping on my bed. "OMG I know I’m so excited!" I practically scream. "Well get your lazy bum up and lets go summer shopping"


Audrey's POV


When Elena gets finished getting ready we head out to go blow some money on clothes. We end up spending the whole day shopping and got enough clothes to replace our whole wardrobe. Then we head back to our flat and begin packing. We didn’t finish until around 4a.m. So after that we head to our beds and pass out.


DATE: May 28, 2012


The next day we wake up at about noon, and jump up realizing that we have 1 day until we meet the boys. "Hey I’ll be back in a little bit; I’m going to go say bye to my mum." Elena tells me. “Alright I’m going to go hang out with Melanie (my sister)."


When we both return from telling our family goodbye we head off to bed because its almost midnight, and we need to get an early start considering our flight leaves to London at 11:45.


DATE: May 29, 2012


"Today is the day!!" yells Elena wakening me up. I jump out of bed and begin getting ready, and we are finished getting ready trying to look our best, because you know we are going to kind of meet One Direction today. When we arrive at Star Radio Studios Matthew tells a few little details and calls a cab to take us to the airport.




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