I Spy (A One Direction Fan fiction)

Hi, my name is Jessie Brooks. I have never had a normal life before. I have to tell you a secret. I am an international spy . I was sent to keep One Direction safe upon their security guards reviving threats. Paul Higgens knows about this, he is part of the agency anyways. And my uncle. All this is life threatening but it is my job.


6. Who are they?!

Jessie's POV

I got to the door and knocked.
"Come in!"my uncle Paul called from his room. I walked in and sat in one of the chairs in front of his desk. It felt like I was sitting in front of Simon whenever I came into Uncle Paul's office.

"I decided that I am allowing you to go on the mission!" My Uncle Paul exclaimed, with excitement in his eyes?

"You see Jessie I really didn't want to spoil what was in the letter but I just can't wait!" Paul continued.

"Your protecting One Direction with me!!! And you don't have any orders you are allowed to make up your own!!! Andy and I will assist you on your mission, but this mission goes on until the end of the boys' career! So that means you will work with me from now on!" My Uncle said, his eyes lighting up like a boy on Christmas.

I couldn't believe my ears, I was actually going to be able to see my Uncle everyday! Don't get me wrong i love both of my Aunt and Uncle equally, but I just have more in common with my uncle, but of course I would love more girl time with my Aunt.

This was so exciting! My first mission where I would decide what would happen, I could keep me protecting them a secret and not tell them, train them the possibilities were endless! Simon didn't let anyone have a free range mission (where we get to do whatever) unless he really trusted them.

Then something acured to me ....
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