I Spy (A One Direction Fan fiction)

Hi, my name is Jessie Brooks. I have never had a normal life before. I have to tell you a secret. I am an international spy . I was sent to keep One Direction safe upon their security guards reviving threats. Paul Higgens knows about this, he is part of the agency anyways. And my uncle. All this is life threatening but it is my job.


5. Happy wife a happy life

Jessie's POV

Carter then moved aside and their stood beside him were 2 humongous pieces of luggage.

"What are those?!" I asked totally confused.

"Simon told me these were all the things you would be needing for this mission. And he thought it would be easier to be lugged around because you are going to traveling a lot," Carter explained.

"Oh and he also told me to ask you if you had checked your sugar level today."

Sorry I also forgot to tell you, I am diabetic it had come from my family genes and my Uncle Paul, Aunt Clodaghanne, Simon and Carter were the only ones that knew.

"Yes, yes I have tell him not to worry about me to much okay? And I gotta go before my cousins start a food fight again." I said as I looked into his blue eyes.

"Okay, bye Jessie."

We both leaned in and wrapped our arms around each other hugging. We both retreated and I closed the door. Carter and I were really just close friends he was there when I needed him and I was there when he needed me. That's all that it really was.

I dragged the heavy luggage up the stairs and into my room, while also slipping the envelope out of my jean short pocket and onto my bedside table.

I walked back downstairs to finish my dinner. I looked at the table and only saw my Claudia playing and talking to Michael - John and showing him her Lalaloopsey doll. They always sat beside each other at dinner but Michael would always be taller because he sat in a high chair.

My Aunt and Uncle still had not come back, leaving their food untouched and cold.

I decided that I was going to have to feed Michael and babysit the both of them until they came back. Claudia and Michael weren't bad kids, they were just curious and let's just say that curiosity killed the cat.

I walked over to Michael and picked up is baby food and fixed is bib and grabbed a spoon.

"Claudia you have to eat all your vegetables if you want ice cream later." I threatened.

She quickly sat down and started munching on her carrots and peas.

I started giving Michael spoonfuls of what was supposed to be green beams.

After a while Claudia had finished her vegetables and had taken a few bites of her pork. She took her plate to the sink and walked to the living room to watch t.v.

Just then my Aunt came downstairs.

"Thank you for feeding the kids Jessie and your Uncle would like to see you in his study." My Aunty said

"No problem. Love you." I said and kissed her cheek.

"Love you too now go your Uncles waiting."

My Aunt always treated me like her daughter like Uncle Paul. It really was nice of them to do that.

Then I started my walk to my Uncle's office.
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