I Spy (A One Direction Fan fiction)

Hi, my name is Jessie Brooks. I have never had a normal life before. I have to tell you a secret. I am an international spy . I was sent to keep One Direction safe upon their security guards reviving threats. Paul Higgens knows about this, he is part of the agency anyways. And my uncle. All this is life threatening but it is my job.


7. Chapter 7

                                                                         Jessie's POV

                   I quickly turned around and looked back at my Uncle. "Wait who am I in charge of again?" I asked him as I stood in the doorway of his office.

                   "You'll be working with the band I manage, One Direction." He said looking anywhere but my eyes.

           "Okay... Thanks Pauly!"  

  And with that i went back to my room and quickly tore open the letter.

 ***************************************************** The Letter***************************************************************

       Dear Jessica Lee Wills,  

                 Thank you for agreeing to the terms and conditions of this mission! 

Clients: Louis William Tomlinson, Harry Edward Styles, Liam James Payne, Zain Jawaad Malik, Niall James Horan and Modest! Management 

Mission: Protect the members of One Direction from the current threats. A few threats have caused Modest! to become worried. Please under all circumstances, protect One Direction. During this mission you are able to make your own plan, we are having Paul Higgins and/or the rest of the security team under your command.  


Date: March 24 2013                         WARNING!: If you do not succeed in your mission then you will be stripped of your badges    Thank You. Have a nice day.


 I noticed something was different in this letter then all my other ones I grabbed my box, opened it and took out all the letters i had ever gotten from previous years.  I saw that all of them had End Dates to when the mission would end. 

I grabbed my cell phone and started dialing Simon's office number.

              "Hello this is Shelly how can I help you?" Shelly was Simon's secretary. I had gotten to know her whenever my Uncle Paul or my Aunt Clodaghanne dropped me off so Simon could "babysit me" . He would usually use that time to train me or I would go and hang around Shelly. She was in her mid-twenties with Auburn hair .

               "Hey Shelly, It's me Jessie!"

"Wow! I haven't seen you in forever your just going to have to stop by soon!" She spoke into the phone enthusiastically.

   "Yea! I know! But I was wondering if I could talk to Simon about the Letter he sent me."  

"Oh well why don't you come down here? Simon just told me to call you because he said he wanted to speak to you about the mission."

         "Yea, that will be fine tell him I'll be there in about 20 minutes okay?"    

  "Yep that will be just fine! See you soon bye!"  

  "Bye!" And with that I hung up.  

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