I Spy (A One Direction Fan fiction)

Hi, my name is Jessie Brooks. I have never had a normal life before. I have to tell you a secret. I am an international spy . I was sent to keep One Direction safe upon their security guards reviving threats. Paul Higgens knows about this, he is part of the agency anyways. And my uncle. All this is life threatening but it is my job.


4. A/N

Hey guys, so I hve been thinking and I'm going to start putting up my stories on Wattpad. If you dont know what that is it's a place to share stories, very simular to this website. I think i may just start updating there because i really like that websites layout better. (And I always update using my IPad so its easier ) I will update there more often and I will update this one too just not that much.

SORRY ABOUT THAT!! I will come back later n but for now i am putting all my stories on hold. except for this one!!
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