I Spy (A One Direction Fan fiction)

Hi, my name is Jessie Brooks. I have never had a normal life before. I have to tell you a secret. I am an international spy . I was sent to keep One Direction safe upon their security guards reviving threats. Paul Higgens knows about this, he is part of the agency anyways. And my uncle. All this is life threatening but it is my job.


1. I Spy Chapter 1: The Call

Jessie Brooks POV

Damn it! How do you even work this phone?! I am truly sorry I should really introduce myself to you lot. Hi, my name is Jessie Brooks. I also have a secret. I am an international spy and part of the F.B.I. Everyone in my family has been part of the Agency before. Including my parents. I never really talk about them, since they had died on a mission. I do get sad thinking about all those normal lives out there that have a family and who have done things together. Because of all the training and missions in the house we never had time to bond and do things together. It was always written down saying that they had to go somewhere and they loved me.

Of course I love what I do, it's fun, adventuress and riveting with adrenaline pumping through your veins at all times. It was something I loved doing.

Ever since my parents have died I lived with Paul. My uncle Paul Hggens. Paul was also in the agency and Yes, yes, the body guard for the band One Direction. But no, I didn't go on tour with them, I really only see them when they have meetings here. My uncle didn't like the idea of me dating the boys.

Anyways, I seemed to go very off topic. Where was I again? Oh yea! My stupid damn IPhone 4S that my Aunty Clodaghanne and Uncle Paul had gotten me for Christmas. It really was annoying at how I couldn't understand how to use something as simple as an iPhone, but I understood how to do my job.

I left my phone on the bed while I went in search of the instructions manual. I carefully climbed my book shelf and reached for the box my phone had come in when all of a sudden....

"Pick up your phone your getting a call!!!"

My Aunt and Uncle had recorded my cousins , Micheal-John and Claudia secreaming "Pick up the phone your getting a call!" Over and over again.

I hopped out of my position and dove for my phone. Who would even know my number?! I only did get this 2 days ago. I picked up and heard a deep voice,

"Hello Jessica." The unknown voice had said. Then I suddenly remembered that no one ever called me by my full name unless they were from the agency.

"Hello, and whom am I being spoken to by?" I asked.
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