Nowhere to Run

A crossover between, in my opinion, the best books ever: Skulduggery Pleasant and Harry Potter.

When Valkyrie gets trapped in another dimention, unable to return to her home, she enrolls at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. As her hope of rescue fades, theres another, bigger threat: Lord Voldemort has caught wind of her, and wants to use her as a weapon that could help them win the war - and he will stop at nothing to get her.

Extra Info:

Its set in their 6th year, and Valkyrie is the same age as Harry, Ron and Hermione. I'm not sure whether it'll make sense or not to those of you that havent read Skulduggery Pleasant (it is a lot less common than Harry Potter) but either way.... enjoy!! Give it a chance, the first chapter isnt exactly the most exciting or best written of them all, but by chapter two & three you will be hooked. Please like and comment!


8. Suprise!

Harry, Ron and Hermione sprinted up to the castle. The realization of what had just happened hadn’t fully set in yet for any of them. None of them spoke (Hermione had already been filled in with what had happened), and all Harry could hear was his panting and the sound of feet pounding against the clay-like dirt. Inside he was screaming, but he made no sound aloud.

They finally arrived at the castle, but still they ran, and didn’t stop until all three had barged into Dumbledore’s office. Harry noticed the presence of the three other people in the room, but only had eyes for Dumbledore, who was looking at the three, startled. “It’s Valkyrie,” Harry panted. Dumbledore raised his eyebrows questionably, while one of the three strangers in the room stood up suddenly. “What?”

Harry turned as Ron squeaked, “you’re a skeleton!” Hermione elbowed him, trying to make him shut up. “Val did say…” she whispered.

“Voldermort came. He was in Hogsmede. And he took her.” Harry noticed Dumbledore stiffen. Skulduggery swore.

“How do we get her back?” The skeleton addressed Dumbledore. The professor looked as though he’d aged about ten years as he sighed, and thought.  Just when Skulduggery was going to demand an answer, he spoke. “I don’t know. I’ve never had to plan a rescue mission before, and it’s not really where my knowledge lies,” he admitted. Skulduggery crossed his arms. “No, but mine does. I’ve got everyone I need for a rescue mission,” he gestured to Tanith and Ghastly behind him, “So, we’re leaving. Now.” He was about to walk out, but then turned suddenly and said, “Okay, maybe we do need your help. For starters, where is Voldermort, and how do we get there?” Dumbledore stood. “I’ll arrange for you to be taken there immediately.”


A/N Just a short one today guys, and sorry about the wait! More coming soon, I promise.

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