Nowhere to Run

A crossover between, in my opinion, the best books ever: Skulduggery Pleasant and Harry Potter.

When Valkyrie gets trapped in another dimention, unable to return to her home, she enrolls at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. As her hope of rescue fades, theres another, bigger threat: Lord Voldemort has caught wind of her, and wants to use her as a weapon that could help them win the war - and he will stop at nothing to get her.

Extra Info:

Its set in their 6th year, and Valkyrie is the same age as Harry, Ron and Hermione. I'm not sure whether it'll make sense or not to those of you that havent read Skulduggery Pleasant (it is a lot less common than Harry Potter) but either way.... enjoy!! Give it a chance, the first chapter isnt exactly the most exciting or best written of them all, but by chapter two & three you will be hooked. Please like and comment!


14. Not goodbye. Just... See you later

Valkyrie had said goodbye to everyone else back up at the castle, but Harry, Ron and Hermione had accompanied her, along with Ghastly, Tanith and Skulduggery, to the great oak tree marking where the portal appeared. She turned to Harry. “I guess this is it.”

“I guess it is.”

“Remember to write, won’t you?” Hermione said jokingly.

“Good god. I do believe I’ve given Hermione a sense of humor! But guys. Seriously. Thanks so much, for… everything. I almost wish I didn’t have to leave. But then I remember, my little sister’s probably learnt to walk or something in my absence.”

At the mention of Alice, Skulduggery and Ghastly exchanged a guilty glance.

“You have a sister?” Ron said, surprised.

“Yeah, didn’t I mention?”

There was a silence between them all for several moments.

“Well, this is goodbye, then.” Harry said, stepping closer to her.

“No. Not goodbye. Just… see you later.” Valkyrie hugged him.

“Yay! Group hug!” Ron said loudly, joining in.

“Technically, Val, you can’t actually come back, because-”

“Oh shut up and hug me!”

Skulduggery stood awkwardly next to Ghastly and Tanith. He cleared his throat loudly as the air next to him began to go fuzzy, as though heat waves were rising off the ground. Hermione, Ron and Harry watched, open mouthed, as the air split open, the edges of the expanding circle blindingly white. Fletcher’s face appeared, and was only slightly strained. “FINALLY!!” He called to them. “A week! A week!!! I opened this every day for a WEEK!”

“Really?” Valkyrie asked. “I thought it was longer than that.”

“When you get back here, I am SO going to kill you!”

She scoffed. “I’d like to see you try.”

“Who’s that?” Harry asked, staring at the boy with light, innocent blue eyes suspiciously.

“His hair,” Hermione said, open mouthed. “It’s impossible! It defies logic!”

“He’s my b- friend. He’s my friend” Valkyrie answered Harry.

“Oh, yeah, don’t mind me, I’ll just stand here. I can only keep this up for so long you know!” Fletcher said accusingly.

“What’s his name?” Ron asked.

“Fletcher. He’s a teleporter.”

“But… everyone can teleport here.”

“Shh! Don’t tell him that! He has sensitive feelings.” Valkyrie said cheekily.

“Valkyrie,” Skulduggery said, turning towards the portal. He tapped his wrist, where a watch normally would be. “It’s time.”

She turned back to the trio. “One last piece of advice for each of you. Hermione, embrace your inner lunatic. Fun times guaranteed.” She winked at her. “Ron. Every solution to every problem is simple. It’s the distance between the two where the mystery lies.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“And Harry,” she said, ignoring Ron, “you can only anticipate what someone is going to do if you know exactly what that someone has just done. Might come in handy when you’re looking for Voldermort.”

“Wow. Valkyrie’s getting all wise on us!” Ron joked.

Valkyrie!!” Skulduggery shouted. “Come on,”

“Don’t go forgetting me now,” Valkyrie said as she jumped through the circle. It was a weird feeling, stepping straight from a forest into an underground room. She looked back at Harry, who was trying to hide his sadness. “I don’t think we could, even if I wanted to, Val.” He said.

Fletcher closed the portal, the torn air stitching itself back together.

“Well, that was definitely something.” Skulduggery said.

“Understatement of the century,” Tanith replied. Valkyrie stared at the blank, slightly damp wall. It had mould growing in a corner. She looked at Fletcher. And then she saw. “What,” she said, calmly and coldly, “are you doing with my sister?” She rounded on Skulduggery. “You kidnapped my sister!?”

Ghastly sighed as they backed slowly out the door. “Here we go again…”


A/N: And thats it! The official end of Nowhere to Run. Thank you for every favourite, every reader, every comment, it really does mean the world to me!! Hope you enjoyed :)

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