Nowhere to Run

A crossover between, in my opinion, the best books ever: Skulduggery Pleasant and Harry Potter.

When Valkyrie gets trapped in another dimention, unable to return to her home, she enrolls at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. As her hope of rescue fades, theres another, bigger threat: Lord Voldemort has caught wind of her, and wants to use her as a weapon that could help them win the war - and he will stop at nothing to get her.

Extra Info:

Its set in their 6th year, and Valkyrie is the same age as Harry, Ron and Hermione. I'm not sure whether it'll make sense or not to those of you that havent read Skulduggery Pleasant (it is a lot less common than Harry Potter) but either way.... enjoy!! Give it a chance, the first chapter isnt exactly the most exciting or best written of them all, but by chapter two & three you will be hooked. Please like and comment!


10. Emotions Kill

Skulduggery approved of the plan. Unlike all his others, this one was incredibly simple: Go in, get Valkyrie, and don’t die. Easy as pie.

But he had his doubts, his worries. What if she was dead? He knew, realistically, that they wouldn’t kill her – they needed her alive to serve her purpose. But, what if? It was very possible.

After much arguing, Harry, Ron and Hermione (supposedly) finally accepted that they weren’t going to be able to come. Of course, they tagged along anyway, and now that they were here there wasn’t much anyone could do about it.

Neither Tanith, Ghastly or Skulduggery enjoyed apparation. In fact, you could go so far to say that they all incredibly disliked it. But it was quick, and handy. Also, Skulduggery couldn’t wait to see Fletchers face when he found out that he wasn’t special in this dimension – because everyone could teleport. Poor Fletcher.

Tanith felt the tingle of excitement and anticipation in her fingertips as they walked towards the tall, iron gates barring the way to Malfoy Manor. They stopped when they got there, trying to think of a way to overcome the security.

That was when they saw the girl in black burst through the roof, shadows curling around her. Skulduggery and Tanith swore, as they saw Darquesse. However, everyone else just looked confused. “Is that…   Valkyrie?” Ghastly asked hesitantly. “How did she do that?” Harry asked, amazed.

Skulduggery gave his friend a sideways glance. “Ghastly, there’s something Valkyrie hasn’t told you…” he said slowly. Tanith sighed. Ghastly raised an eyebrow expectantly. “Valkyrie…    she’s going to kill me, hopefully not literally, when she finds out I told you, but…   Valkyrie is Darquesse.” Ghastly stared at him, as if he were insane. “No she’s not! Honestly, Skulduggery, can you imagine Valkyrie destroying the world?”

“Not when she’s herself. But when she’s Darquesse, she’s not normal. It’s hard to explain.”

Hermione, who had been listening silently, asked the question all three friends were thinking. “Who’s Darquesse?”

Tanith looked at them as she answered, “the fabled woman who is destined to destroy the world.” Harry and Ron looked at each other. “Woah.”

“Not good news,” Skulduggery added. Ghastly looked slightly hurt. “Why didn’t she tell me?”

“Why do you think?”

“She told you! And you, Tanith!”

“After 5 months! Also, I forced it out of her. And also, Tanith found out accidentally – remember the remnant invasion? Darquesse showed herself then. Tanith happened to be there. Also, I’ve just noticed something. Why is everything going dark?” Everyone suddenly looked around. Skulduggery was right – shadows were seeping down in a dome shape, trapping them, and as they all looked up to the source at the top of the dome, they saw Darquesse gliding down towards them.

“Harry, I’m scared,” Hermione whispered. He remained silent; shocked that Valkyrie…   wasn’t Valkyrie. Or was she? It was too confusing. None of it made any sense.

“Give Valkyrie back.” Skulduggery said threateningly. Darquesse sighed. “Really? We’re going to start that already!? You don’t understand. I am Valkyrie. I’m also Darquesse. Don’t you see? We aren’t two different people like you imagine us to be.”

“Give. Valkyrie. Back.”

“Stop. Saying. That. It’s. Annoying.” Darquesse sent shadows flying towards Skulduggery, scraping through his suit and across his rib-bones. He screamed out in pain, falling to his knees – Harry looked to Ron and Hermione, petrified with fear.

“I could kill you all in less than a heartbeat,” Darquesse said conversationally. “In a fairly slow and gruesome ways too – I’ve been experimenting. Watch!” Suddenly, before anyone could register it happening, Darquesse send out shadow hands, grabbing Ron and dragging him towards her as he struggled helplessly. She lifted him up above their heads, and slowly began to close her hand into a fist. Ron let out a cry as the shadows began to cut into his wrists and ankles. Harry shouted, running towards Darquesse, barging into her and distracting her, causing Ron to fall. Hermione ran over to him as he stumbled to his feet. Harry however, was in Darquesse’s grasp.

“You think you’re so special…” She purred. “But, soon, when you’re older, you’ll realize how incredibly selfish and big headed you’ve been.”

“Valkyrie?” Harry stuttered.

Valkyrie?” Darquesse mimicked, in a whiney voice. “The Valkyrie you know is gone.”

“I don’t think she is,” Harry stuttered, “I think she’s still in there, fighting.”

“No. Her voice is barely more than a whisper. The part of me that is her is recovering – Voldermort broke her.”

The guilt was plain on Harry’s face.

“So there’s nothing she can do to stop me when I kill yo-” Darquesse was cut off as Skulduggery dived into her. However, she instinctively threw up a wall of shadows. Harry ran back to Ron and Hermione, and Skulduggery was thrown to the ground. The girl in black looked down at the skeleton with the ripped suit, and chuckled slightly. “This might hurt a teeny-weeny bit,” she said, as she flicked her wrist, sending the charging Tanith and Ghastly flying. Darquesse could see and sense the magic holding the skeleton together, and she could see the loose thread… so she pulled it, curious, to see what would happen. Skulduggery screamed, back arching as his bones began to click and unlock. But then it stopped. He looked up, panting, at Darquesse as a tear rolled down her cheek. She frowned, bringing her hand up to it and feeling the wetness as if it were alien to her. “You’re crying,” Skulduggery said after he’d caught his breath. “Why are you crying?”

“I’m NOT!” She screeched, confused.

“But you are,” he said, rising to his feet. “Why?”

“I’M. NOT. CRYING!” Darquesse screamed, throwing out a shadow tendril and catching the nearest person she could reach. Harry screamed as the dagger of darkness stabbed through his stomach. Hermione gasped, falling to his side, panicking. Darquesse sobbed, tears streaming.

“It’s Valkyrie, isn’t it? Valkyrie’s pushing through.”


“Valkyrie,” the Skeleton whispered softly, “come back.”

Darquesse laughed, wiping her face. “You think just talking can bring her back? Not this time. This time, I’m here to stay, Pleasant, and you can’t do anything about it.”

“No,” a strained voice said from behind her. Darquesse turned, and found Harry crouching on the ground, the pool of blood around him growing worryingly fast. “Not talking – that won’t work this time. But emotions. They- arrgh!” Harry’s face was screwed up in pain, but still he talked. “You have no emotion. Valkyrie does. She’s brave, and loyal, and kind. And…” He looked as if he were about to pass out as Ron helped him to his feet and moved him closer to Darquesse, who was listening, curious. “And I love her.” Harry said simply, before tilting his head slightly and kissing her on the lips. Darkness seeped out of her body, from her clothes, from her skin, from her eyes and ears and mouth. Valkyrie collapsed, unconscious, and Harry passed out, his blood loss too much. Skulduggery looked over at Ghastly and Tanith, both of whom felt as though they hadn’t really helped at all. Skulduggery took out a firework and lit it, shooting it up into the sky – the signal to Dumbledore that they needed to be brought back. He apparated in, along with one wizard and a witch. They took one look at the blood-smeared scene, and ran towards them. Skulduggery looked at Dumbledore as he said unemotionally, “Harry needs urgent medical attention, Ron needs the hospital wing and Hermione needs a cup of tea with lots of sugar.”

“And yourself? Valkyrie?”

“I’ll be fine.”

“He needs some medical attention,” Ghastly interrupted.

“We’re both fine, though.” Tanith said.

“Tonks, can you take these three? Alaster, you take Miss Low and Hermione. I’ll escort Ronald and Harry. Quickly now!”

Skulduggery picked up the unconscious form of Valkyrie. Tonks, a woman with violently purple hair, tried a smile as she held tightly onto Skulduggery’s wrist and Ghastly’s. “Wotcha boys. Not the best of days, I take it?” She said, before apparating just outside the Hogwarts gates and escorting them to the hospital wing.

When they got there, Madame Pomfrey looked overwhelmed. She’d been presented with many patients, most of whom were bleeding steadily. Tanith looked worried as she watched Dumbledore set Harry down gently on a bed. “Poppy, see what you can do for him. In the meantime, I need to find Severus.” The nurse let out a long sigh, before hurrying into her office and bringing out some kind of concoction that looked as though it were made from mashed-up slugs. However, Skulduggery only had eyes for Valkyrie. He set her down on a bed, wincing slightly, and took the seat next to her. And waited.

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