Nowhere to Run

A crossover between, in my opinion, the best books ever: Skulduggery Pleasant and Harry Potter.

When Valkyrie gets trapped in another dimention, unable to return to her home, she enrolls at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. As her hope of rescue fades, theres another, bigger threat: Lord Voldemort has caught wind of her, and wants to use her as a weapon that could help them win the war - and he will stop at nothing to get her.

Extra Info:

Its set in their 6th year, and Valkyrie is the same age as Harry, Ron and Hermione. I'm not sure whether it'll make sense or not to those of you that havent read Skulduggery Pleasant (it is a lot less common than Harry Potter) but either way.... enjoy!! Give it a chance, the first chapter isnt exactly the most exciting or best written of them all, but by chapter two & three you will be hooked. Please like and comment!


4. Depressingly Accurate Accusations

Valkyrie sat in the great hall, chatting with Harry, Ron and Hermione. It was a Monday morning, the weather dismal, drizzle falling from the bleak, grey sky. “So Val,” Harry began, “what are you going to do while we’re in lessons?”

“I don’t know… I should probably practice my magic, since I haven’t had a chance to recently. Yeah, I think I’ll do that this morning. After that, I don’t know…   What do you guys have first?”

“Care of Magical Creatures. We decided we’d take it this year.” Ron answered.


Hermione checked the time, “and, we need to go now, or we’ll be late. See you later Val!” The three said goodbye before walking down towards Hagrid’s hut. Valkyrie watched them go, then began to walk up to the astronomy tower. Trying (yet failing) not to disturb the class which had just started, Valkyrie ran, then leapt over the edge of the tower, causing everyone to gasp, as they watched her fall. She moved through the air, directing its currants, laughing – she loved flying. She landed softly on her feet. Next element she needed to practice – water. She ran over to the black lake, but once she was there, she didn’t stop running – she ran over its surface, then once in the center, cut off her magic, letting herself fall into the icy depths of the lake. Next, Valkyrie pushed the water around her, shooting up towards the surface like a rocket. She broke free, the air cold on her skin. She ran back to shore, then evaporated the water drenching her – now she was as dry as before. She’d improved drastically at manipulating the water element, she could even turn water to ice if she focused. Next – Fire. She moved into a clear space, before firing fireballs up into the sky, then at the ground. She attempted to make two streams of fire, like Skulduggery had recently showed her, but failed. It would take some more practice, later.

Satisfied, Valkyrie decided to take a walk in the forest – it wasn’t nearly as daunting during daylight.


Harry stood next to Ron, desperately trying to get his blast-ended skrewt to stop firing white-hot fireballs whenever anyone got too close. “Ron…   I’ve got a question for you.”

“Yes?” Ron raised his eyebrow, struggling with his own lobsterish creature. “What would you do…   if you sort of had a crush on Valkyrie?” Ron laughed. “Seriously?”

“Stop laughing,” Harry sulked. “Sorry, but I-“ his words were cut off as a loud shout came from behind them, from the forest. Everyone in the class stopped what they were doing, apprehensive, as they saw two figures moving quickly through the trees, heading towards them. Valkyrie emerged, sprinting, followed closely by a gigantic wolf with wings. “BLOODY HELL!!!!” she screeched, the wolf-thing gaining on her quickly. “YOU NEVER TOLD ME THERE WERE WHATEVER THAT IS THINGS IN THE FOREST!!” she shouted, circling them. “SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING, SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!” Valkyrie shouted at them, but everyone was too shocked to move – again. Valkyrie turned, facing the beast, knowing she couldn’t outrun a gigantic flying wolf. It snorted, and two jets of flame shot out its nostrils. Apparently it could also breathe fire. Valkyrie swore as the beast lunged at her. Just before impact, she dodged out of the way, still on her feet. Again, it lunged, and again, she dodged. She noticed a few of the students running up to the castle, presumably for help. It lunged for the third time, and Valkyrie stood her ground, slamming a wall of shadows into it at the last moment. It fell, but regained its feet quickly, and as it opened its mouth, about to bite, she flung two fireballs into its mouth. Screeching, it fell back, obviously hurt. “Didn’t like that, did you?” She whispered, walking slowly towards it as it retreated. But the creature snarled, then charged, taking Valkyrie by surprise and grabbing her middle with its mouth. Trapped in its teeth, Valkyrie screamed as it tried to close its jaw – her clothes wouldn’t let its pointed teeth puncture her skin, but the pressure alone cracked a few of her ribs. With a rush of adrenalin, she forced air down its throat, and it coughed, causing her to fly out of its grasp. She got to her feet shakily, gathering up the shadows behind her, then sending millions of sharp shadow-spikes at the wolf.

It whimpered, although only shallow cuts had been made, due to its thick, leathery skin. It turned on its heel, and ran back into the forest, making pitiful whimpering noises. Valkyrie stood there, panting. She turned around, to see Professor  Mcgonagall running down the hillside. “There’s something you don’t see everyday,” Ron whispered to Harry.

When Professor  Mcgonagall arrived, she was thoroughly out of breath. “Where is it?” She panted. Valkyrie shrugged “Running to its mummy, tail between its legs,” she smiled half-heartedly. Harry and Ron ran over to listen. Mcgonagall looked shocked. “What happened?”

“It met me.”

“Well, good work, Cain. Are you hurt?”

“A bit. Mostly bruises, but I think I cracked a few ribs that should probably be seen to. But, I’ve had worse.”

“Right, well, if you can stand, then you can walk. Potter, escort Valkyrie to the hospital wing.”

“Yes Professor,” Harry replied. Valkyrie took a step and stumbled, clutching her side, wincing. Harry caught her before she fell. “Are you sure you can walk?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” Valkyrie assured him, straightening up.

They made their way slowly towards the hospital wing. “You were pretty brutal out there,” Harry said suddenly. “Yeah. I did say my work wasn’t pretty. And that was a fairly good example of my day to day life, minus some mystery and fun.  Jump of buildings, train a bit, and almost get eaten by a gigantic monster, punch it on the nose, get patched up then go home.”

“Have you ever killed anyone?” Harry blurted. Valkyries face fell. “What?”

“Have you ever killed anyone…” Harry repeated slowly. Valkyrie frowned, suddenly having visions of her Darquesse rampage, where she’d killed almost a field full of remnant-possessed people a year or so previously. “Not on purpose.” She said quietly. Harry looked at her, almost like she’d betrayed him. “You’re a murderer?” He choked. “No!” Valkyrie shouted. “Murderers are brutal, and mad. Murderers kill people purposefully, and enjoy it. It’s my job to hunt down and stop murderers. I’m not a-“ again, she had flashbacks of herself as Darquesse…   her true name, true identity, destined to destroy the world. “I’m not a murderer.” At this point, she would’ve stormed off, but that was fairly hard to do with injuries. “I can’t believe it. Ginny was right…” Harry said, pale. “Look, Harry. I’ve only killed people through self-defense. My line of work is brutal. You really don’t know what I’ve seen, or what I’ve endured. So don’t even ask questions like that. You think I like the fact that I’ve killed people? You think I-“

“Wait. You’ve killed more than one person?” Harry interrupted. Valkyrie glared at him, “Leave.”

“No, Val, I’m sorry! I may not have killed anyone, but I’ve also been through lots.”

“Oh really. Like what?”

“I was orphaned as a baby, every summer I have to live with awful relatives, I’ve been poisoned by a giant snake, I’ve almost had my soul sucked out through my mouth, I’ve been victim of the cruciatus curse, and I’ve been possessed.” Valkyrie stared at him. “Seriously? That’s it? Look, Harry, just leave, okay? I know where I’m going. And you’re not exactly making great company.”


“Good!” Harry stormed off.

A tear trickled silently down Valkyries cheek. “I just want to get out of this hellhole” she whispered to the empty air. “I want to go home.” She turned, listening – she was sure she’d heard Skulduggery’s velvety voice drifting with the wind…    but a second later she knew she’d imagined it. Valkyrie continued walking to the hospital wing, depressed.

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