Just Listen

Lyric lives with her stepfather and step sister. Sort of. She works for them as their housekeeper. She also is the best music engineer in the company. The company is also owned by her stepfather. One Directon steps into her studio and her life flips from nothing to somthing again. She falls for one of the boys. But does he feel the same back?


2. Party time

Jara squealed again and walked back over to her father.


"Yes they will be in the studio for a while, princess. Now please act calm when they come in." he started turning my way and I rushed back into the kitchen.

I grabbed one of the platters and took a post and waited for people to come over and take the crab cakes on my tray. The boys of One Directon entered the room I was in and Jara was firmly attached to Harry's arm. Yeah I know all their names and faces. I had some music of theirs, too. And being in the recording bussiness how could I not know them.

They made their way over to me and they began to eat almost all of my crab cakes. Jara was telling the boys the stories of when she first started recording. She was an awful singer. I had to correct her voice so much when she was there. And since her daddy was the owner she was made into a star. As she rambled on and the other boys snarffed down the rest of my crab cakes. Harry caught my eye and he gave a slight smile. I looked and the ground blushing. Jara noticed our eye contact and abruptly cut her story short.

"Lyric!" her voice sliced through my daze and i snapped my head up. "Your all out of crab cakes go fetch some more!"

I smiled at her stiffly, "Of course!" and I turned on my heal and headed back to  the kitchen and returned with more crab cakes in record timing. They were still standing where I left them. Jara had engulffed into some more of her stories. But when I returned I looked back at the ground not making eye contact like I was supposed to unless spoken to. Just then another voice interuptted my daze but it wasnt Jara's high pitch irratating voice. This voice was low and raspy.

"So your name is Lyric?" I lifted my head and met the stuning green eyes of Harry. Jara stood with her jaw set obviously upset that the attention wasn't hers anymore.

"Yeah, my mom was really into unique names." I said studying the rest of them.

"So how did you begin working here?" Zayn asked.

"Well, I am actually-" I started before I was interupted.

"Niall, what kind of gel do you have that makes your hair stay so well?"

She continued with pointless conversation that nobody cared about for so long. The boys kept pulling me back into the conversations. They seemed really nice and down to Earth. Not like some of the other people I meet at the studio.

"So, Lyric! Do you have any other jobs besides this?" Liam asked motioning at my outfit and the tray. He obviously wanted to get out of the topic of types of potatoes.

"I do actually! I am the top musically engineer at Mr. Canter's studio."

"Oh really what floor are you on?" Louis asked.

"I am on floor fourteen. Where will you guys be recording?"

"On the fourteenth floor." Harry grinned.

"Once when I was younger I ate a butterfly!" Jara blurted out trying to divert the attention back to her.

"How lovely!" Louis said as he spun around and made a face as he walk away. Liam and Zayn followed him. But Niall stuck around eating my crab cakes and talking to me and Harry was occuppied listening to Jara. But every once in a while he would look up at me and smile. As the party started to die down Louis, Zayn, and Laim returned to gather them to leave. Louis was obviouslly drunk. He came over and patted my head and walked towards the door.

"See you tomorrow sparkly cupcake!" He shouted over his shoulder at me. I just laughed. Drunk people are the best part of the parties. They were just so weird when the were drunk. Once a guy was playing Tag with his friend and he said that I was so when ever he was running away from his friend he would come over and put his hand on my face the run away again. The best part of that night was these guys were 70.

"I was nice to meet you! We will see you tomorrow, right?" Niall asked me.

"You betcha!" called back to him.

"See you tomorrow!" Harry said as he passed with Jara still on his arm like a suction cup

"See ya!"

Luckly, I wasn't on clean up today. So I hurried bacj to my shack and took Moose for the walk I promised him. I told him all about the party and how tomorrow I would be working with One Direction. Even Moose was excited for me.


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