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Lyric lives with her stepfather and step sister. Sort of. She works for them as their housekeeper. She also is the best music engineer in the company. The company is also owned by her stepfather. One Directon steps into her studio and her life flips from nothing to somthing again. She falls for one of the boys. But does he feel the same back?


3. First day in the studio

I decided the next day that I would bring Moose with me to the studio. Being the best in the company has some pretty good perks! I even had a bed for him in the room and he would just sit there the whole day unless I called him! Like I said the perfect dog.

I had to get to an early start because I had to walk. Sadly you can't bring a giant Great Dane on the bus with you. I got dressed and began walking. Jara gets a ride in with her dad in the mornings. I don't know why she comes though. She doesn't do any thing. He goes out of town a lot for business so she is all alone in the house most of the time. And then I only have to cook for one! YAY! I arrived at the studio building. And walked past the greeting dest up front.

"Good morning, Hannah!" I called as I walked past.

"Morning!" she replied. I dont think she ever learned my name. I walked into the elevator with Moose and he sat down next to me. Other people started filling the elevator and gave me strange looks. All I do is smile. I do this all the time!

It finally arrived on my floor and me and Moose got off. When we entered we were greated by five smiling faces. Moose loves new people so he started furiously wagging his tail and going up to the boys and sniffing them.

"Why did you bring a small horse to work with you?" Zayn asked jokingly scratching Mooses ears. I laughed I got that reaction a lot. All the other boys just kind of awkwardly patted his head when he came up to them.

"Alright, thats enough we gotta get to work Moose!" Moose went over and jumped in to the sofa on the otherside of the room and watched us.

"So what are we starting with today?" I said jumping into my rolly chair and started spinning around and going up and down with the lever.

"Well, we could start with Rock Me then if we finish before lunch we could do Over Again." Liam said talking to the boys. They nodded and handed me the tracks to work with.

We went through them all and the boys sounded amazing! They barely needed to be corrected. We finished fifteen minutes before the lunch break.

"Great job guys that was amazing! We can have a break for lunch and pick it back up after!" I said in to the mic. They stumbled over each other out the door and made me giggle as Niall fell on the ground after they all tried to come out the door at the same time. He just layed there and started talking.

"Why don't you have a British accent?" he asked in his lovely Irish accent.

"I am originally from the U.S. but I moved here when I was fourteen because my mom was getting remarried. So I guess I just never picked up the accent." Niall nodded his head. The question had obviously been eating at him.

"We were going to go to McDonalds for lunch. Would you want to come along?" Liam asked politly.

"Yeah sure! Can Moose come too?" Like I said I took him every where with me.

"Of course!" Zayn piped in. I think he liked Moose.

"Alrighty then lets go!" I swung my bag over my shoulder and following the boys out the door. "Come on Moose!" I called over my soulder and I heard him bound after me. We all got into the eveator and were pretty smushed because Moose decided to sit right in the middle and lay down. We walked over the the McDonalds across the street while the boys were goofing off and teasing each other. I ordered two double cheese burgers, two large fries, and two drinks.

"Wow some ones got an appetite! But you know that they have free refills so you don't need the second cup!" I laughed this wasn't the first time I had gotten this before either. Its amazing what strangers feel the need to yell at you about.

"Geez Lou! I don't eat all of it myself! I split it with Moose! He loves McDonalds." I said scratching his ears.

"That makes more sense!" Harry said as he payed.

"Oh! I can pay you back!" I said beginning to rummage through my purse. I had so much crap in here! It was like a black pit! I felt a hand rest on my arm sending electricity through my arm. It jerked my attention away and I met those beautiful green eyes again.

"It's ok. I got it!" he said.

"Are you sure?" he nodded. What ever you say but I will pay you back some how! I thought to myself. I walked over to a booth. I forgot that there were six of us not including Moose. The boys all slid in. One the opposite side of me there was Zayn on the end, who was being smushed into a window. Then Louis was in the center and on the end was Harry. And on my side Liam was on the window, Niall was in the middle, and I was on the end so I could take care of Moose. It's funny how people just let me walk in with him! I bet it had to do with me being with One Direction. The girl who had taken our order looked like she was aboout to pee herself.

"So Lyric tell us about yourself!" Harry poped.

"Well I already told you guys that I moved here when I was 14. Then my mom married Bill Canter. Yup! Thats the same the same Bill Canter who owns this company." I answered that question just by looking at there faces. I smiled continuing. "I never really had any friends. Then two years after we moved here my mom died in a plane crash. Bill kicked me into the garden shed and I have to be the house keeper/waitress to keep my water running and the heat  and elecrticity. The I started working at the studio. And then three years later here I am! Oh!! And my favorite color is purple!!" I said quickly finishing up my story. And sticking out my hands and for a big finish!

Thay all just kinda stared at my with their mouths open. I clamped Niall's mouth shut. He had food in it!

"It's actually perfect for me living there! I get to do whatever I want! When I am not working at least!"

"Do they feed you?" Niall asked wide eyed.

"Nah! I some times steal some left overs but I pretty much main line chocolate chip waffles, peanut butter, and mac n' cheese! Its awesome! They are all my favorites!"

"Wow! I could'nt do it!" Niall said stuffing his face with his Big Mac again. I pulled out my phone to check the time.

"Holy mother of cupcakes!!!!!" I grabed Niall's hand and dragged him out of the booth grabbing Moose's leash at the same time. "Come on guys we gotta get back to work!" they all slowly trickled out of the booth. And we started walking back to the studio.

"Oh yeah! I forgot to ask! Do any of you have girl friends? Don't think I am creepy! I am just nosy!" I said grinning.

"I have a beautiful girlfriend named Eleanor!" Louis beamed. Radiating the joy he felt talking about her.

"Yeah and I have one! Her name is Danielle." Liam said seeming almost as happy as Louis.

"I have a girl friend, too." Zayn said looking at me. "She is in Little Mix. Perrie Edwards!" He smiled looking down at Moose. I stopped imediately.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!! Back this choo choo train up! Little Mix?!?! HOLY PUMPKIN TEETH!!!! I FLIP CAKIN LOVE THEM!!!" I said jumping up and down spinning in a circle. Then my foot caught on the other one and I face planted into the ground. I felt a sting in my knee and water sink through my clothes. Great! I fell into a puddle!

"Oh my gosh are you alright?" I grabbed Harry's hand and he pulled me up steadying me as I swayed. Niall was cracking up hunched over practically dying of laughter. Liam smacked the back of his head, but he still kept laughing. It didn't bother me this was all normal. 

"Pft! Yeah! I don't by ripped jeans for that reason! I fall all the time. It's natural!" When I said that Harry linked his arm through my right arm and Zayn linked with my other and they lifted me a few inches off the ground and continued walking after giving Liam Moose's leash. "Did you know that cats sleep for 70% of their lives?" I asked while they were holding me in the air. I kept my legs moving like I was still walking. I relized I had just changed the subject I had brought up myself.

"Hey! Not everyone answered my question!" I said glaring at Harry and Niall.

"I am a single pringle!" Niall sang while doing a little dance.

"I would high five you but my arms are kinda occupied." I say knocking Harry's shoulder telling him to spill!

"Nope nobody." he said looking at the ground. I leaned my head over on his shoulder to show my sympathy since he seemed sad about that. Even that contact gave me butterflies! Goodness! I was going insane I swear. I met these guys literally yesterday and I already have a crush on one!

"You wanna come over after work and hang out with us so you not all alone?" Niall asked with a teasing pouty face.

I shoved him with my foot. "Sure!" It was going to be so fun to be able to hang out with all of them all the time! We went back up to our floor and finished up recording for the day. Then we got packed up and headed to my shed.



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