Just Listen

Lyric lives with her stepfather and step sister. Sort of. She works for them as their housekeeper. She also is the best music engineer in the company. The company is also owned by her stepfather. One Directon steps into her studio and her life flips from nothing to somthing again. She falls for one of the boys. But does he feel the same back?


4. Crushes Crush you

After we left the Canter's mansion when I had gotten my chores done we headed over to the boys appartment complex. We stopped at a Chinese restaurant on our way there to pick up some dinner. When we got to the appartment building the boys debated on which room we would hang out in today. They decided on Harry's and Louis' because they had already been to everyonelse's that week. We walked in and all of the boys cleaned out the bags of their food and ran into the living room and flopped on the couch. They rock, paper, sissored each other to figure out who got to pick what to watch. Niall got to pick and I later learned that, that meant horror movies everytime. I have never actually watched a horror film. And apparently I had a terrifed look on my face and I saw the heading as I entered to room because Niall looked at me funny and said,

"What are you too scared?" He raised his eyebrows at me and smirked.

"Pft! No." Yy voice making it obvious that I was scared to watch it.

Louis looked at me and chuckled menacingly, "Fine! If your not scared I dare you to sit through the whole thing and not scream or leave to room the entire movie!"

"Fine!" I said with more confidence than I actually felt. I walked over to the couch and looked for a spot to sit down. Crap. The only spot was between Harry and the arm of the sofa. All the other boys were sprawled out across the couch so there was no more room next to any of them. I plopped down next to Harry. Our arms brushed against each others as sat and a blush crept up the back of my neck and my ears burned. I stared down at my sweet and sour chicken and fiddled with my chop sticks trying to get a hold on one. I tried to figure it out so I did not have to default to my usual stabing method.

"She's a brave one!" Zayn called from the other side of the couch. "But I doubt she will make it through. Two hours of terror." He looked at me challengingly.

"I will to make it!" I said fighting a smile but doubting the words coming out of my own mouth. I having been trying to avoid talking to Harry because if I do I will just say something stupid. But its not like he would like me or anything. I am NOT beautiful and he could have anyone. I guess I can be my idiot self.

"Are you ready for the challenge to begin?" Laim asked sitting on top of the other three boys. This poor couch.

"Let it begin!!!!" I said stabing more of my chicken into my mouth. I saw Harry smiling next to me chuckling. Here come a stampede of rabid monkeys going off in my stomach.

"What?" I asked curiously my mouth filled with my chicken.

"Here let me show you how to use those." He laughed taking my chopsticked from my hand gently. He compsed his hands and pick up a piece of chicken easily. "Say ahhh!" he said opening his mouth wide. I laughed and openned my mouth. He plopped the fried piece of chicken in my mouth. "Think you got it?"

"Uh. Maybe?" I took the chopsticks back and tried to make my hands look the way Harry's had two seconds ago. I can't do it. I try again. Fail. I try again but I ended up somehow launching one of the chopsticks right at Harry's chest. "AHH! Sorry!" I said leaning to retreive it. He laughed and picked it up and took the other one from my hand too.

"Here." He took my hand and wrapped my fingers around the sticks. Those monkeys in my stomach are now hurtling bananas at each other. I try to move the sticks around feeling more control. I reached the sticks up and grabbed Harry's nose with them. "Oww! You have a good grip!"

I sat up straight and beamed up at him, "Thanks!" The commercials for the movie were finally over and the opening lines were being said and I shrank back into the couch with my chicken. Its not that scary. And it sucks the graffics are awful and the music doesn't match what is going on at all. "You are so stupid why would anyone do that!!" I said chucking my box that my chicken had been in at the screen. It was a perfect throw and hit the person square in the face. The guys were laughing at me but these people are so stupid in this movie! I cross my arms and slouched back into the couch. The movie is only half way through. I stop paying attention all together and my eyes start to droop and I don't remember any other part of the movie after that. I openned my eyes. Everything came back to me. I sit up. I had been sleeping on Harry's shoulder. Ugg! I hope he doesn't hate me.

"Oh! Sorry about that." I stood up awkwardly. Harry squints at me. He had obvious ly been sleeping too. His hair was all messed up. My joints were stiff from sleep. "What time is it?"

"its fine. I didn't mind.  And about 1:30" he said after wincing from the backlight of his phone. The other boys were scattered around the couch. Niall and Zayn had fallen of the couch and Liam and Louis were cuddling on the couch. "I can drive you home unless you wanna sleep here."

"I have to go see Moose or he will be mad at me." I said strentching my back out. "So thanks." He lead me out the door and out to his Range Rover. He opened the door for me. I murmured thanks and stumbled into the car. I slept the whole way home. I can't really remember how I got to my shed or covered by my blankets. But I think I was dreaming. Because I dreampt Harry carried me. Then when he covered me up and I hugged him. Then I said, "Harry?"

"Yeah, love."

"The average person eats 35,000 cookies in their life time." Then he laughed and kissed my forehead. Then the dream ended. The next morning got up and told Moose about that night then I went off to work. After that night the boys and I hung out almost every night except for Tuesdays of course. We would rock, paper, sissors for who got to pick what to watch but were did other things too. We beacame really close friends and did everything together.The even helped my with my chores sometimes when the Canters were gone. I was closest with Harry though. He always listened to my the best and messed with me the most. I finally have some friends.











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