Just Listen

Lyric lives with her stepfather and step sister. Sort of. She works for them as their housekeeper. She also is the best music engineer in the company. The company is also owned by her stepfather. One Directon steps into her studio and her life flips from nothing to somthing again. She falls for one of the boys. But does he feel the same back?


1. The Beginning

I shoved my ear buds in so I didnt have to listen to Jara drone on and on about having to ride the bus for the week. Before you even begin to think we are friends we aren't at all. She is my step sister I got stuck with along with her father Bill. I was born and raised in America. But my mom met Bill Canter and she was swept off her feet instantly. Bill was the head of a huge recording company based out of London. So we moved to London and they were married after six months of dating. Crazy I know, thats how my mom worked. But my mom was amazing. However about three years ago she died in a plane crash coming home from visiting my grandparents. I was crushed. But Bill and Jara decided that meant i wasnt family anymore. Now i was the cook and the cleaner of the house. I was also the top music engineer at the studio though so i got to meet some pretty awesome people. I felt a shove come from my left side and i looked up.

"Get up, Lyric!! This is our stop!" She said draging me of the bus. She barely waited for me to grab my bag. She let go and sped down the street and up the drive way to the massive house. I followed just not as fast. I had to cook and today was the day to vaccum the stairs. I walked up to the gigantic house but i didnt enter. they didnt let me live in there. The house could definatally fit me in there but Bill always had people over adn they didnt want me to take away from their reputation . what ever they meant by that! it made no sense. So i lived in the tricked out garden shed. It had dry wall in it now with a tiny bathroom, heating, and power outlets. The rest was my bedroom though. But in one corner I had a microwave, mini fridge, and this little oven thingy. I actually lovced living in my little shed. It was perfecvt for me and when i was there it was my rules. I walked up to my shed and opened the door. I almost got knocked over by a massive thing pouncing on me.

"Moose!! Hi boy did you miss me today?" I asked my huge black and white Great Dane as i scratched behind his ears. He excitedly started licking my face keeping his paws on my shoulders. He was like the perfect dog! he listened perfectly! Well, to me at least. I got Moose after my mom died. He was my best friend. I didnt really have any friends. But Moose was my love and i treated him like a person. I talked to him and he went with me almost everywhere. A lot of people were afraid of moose because he is so big but i love big dogs. It was kind of strange how the Canters let me have a dog. Especially one as big as Moose. He was like a small horse! But they did. They were kind of different with descions like that.

I tossed my bag on to my bed. Tied up my hair and since it was Tuesday it meant there was a party tonight. Bill made me wear this stupid uniform and aperon.

"Ugg Moose! I hate Tuesdays! And look at this out fit!" I flopped on to my bed. Moose came over and nudged my hand with his head. he always knew when i was sad or happy. "Alright boy! I better get going or i will get yelled at!" I kissed his forhead, "We can go for a walk later i promise." Then I went out the door adn walked up the path to the mansion.

I walked in and started setting out appetizers. Bill always threw parties for the people who were in the studio. Sometimes we had the same people other times they were different people every time. I almost always knew who was going to be at the house. Since i worked at the studio but not today no one showed up. The other waiters began to show up and all the food was ready just in time as all the guests started to show up. Bill and Jara were always in front saying hello as people came in.

All of a sudden i head a high pitch scream! I rushed to the front where the sound had come from. Jara was staring out the window wide eyed as five boys walked up the walkway to the house.


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