You again?


7. ..........


(Ruby's  part)

  I woke up this morning and took a 30min shower then I blow dryed my hair and put on some natural make-up. Now i have to pick my outfit for today. I decided to go with denim jeans and and a see through pink shirt with a pink bra cover thing. I decided to go to the park today and have some time to think things over. As i was walking to the park i found Zach running. He said hi tome and asked me where i was going right now. I told him i was going to the park. "Can i join?" Sure why not.

  As we were walking to the park i began to tell him about the feelings i had discovered for Harry. When i told him i thought i loved Harry he flinched a little bit and his expression changed. I couldn't quite tell what the feeling was but i could tell it was a beautiful feeling.

  When we got to the park we sat at a park bench i saw 5 boys playing football in the most retarded way. I began to laugh then suddenly they all turned around and looked at me. I felt very awkward having 5 guys looking at me. Zach could tell I didnt feel very comfortable and got angry. When they began walking towards me i recognized them imediatley. They were the five boys of One Direction. But the one that caught my eye was Harry.

  As he walked towards me with a big smile on his face i ignored him. He seemed hurt but i ignored it. He tryed to talk to me like five times but i would look away. I left after 10 minutes sitting there awkwardly but as i left Harry screamed something at me that i never would've expected to hear....

(Harry's part)

  While me and the boys were playing football i saw Ruby the one person I wanted to talk to. I told the boys and we began to walk towards her. She looked uncomfortable but it was probably because she didn't recognize us.

  When we got closer she saw me and looked away. I began to ask her what was wrong if she hated me if she was mad at me what i did wrong? But she ignored all of my questions and decided to leave after 10 min i was not going to let her leave me just like that so i decided to say something that i  hoped i wouldnt regret telling her.

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