You again?


3. Starbucks

(Zach's part)

     I got to get ready for work call Ruby and tell her to get up she must have a hangover after all that clubbing last night. I heard her get home yesterday she sounded real pissed off at someone i just don't know who i'll ask her toady during work. I just hope she's in the mood for work today because she has to pay her college.

    (Ruby's part) 

   I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. Hello? Get up you got to get ready for work oh ya shit i almost forgot thanks. Bye! O gosh i got a hangover how i barley drank last night i thought i would be good but i guess not either way i got work telling Giselle will have to wait.

  I got up took a quick shower straightened my hair then but on some skinny jeans with a Hoodie and light make-up then i was off to work.

   When i walked in my boss began to nagg me about how i was two minutes late. May i take your order i said for the billionth time i asked a guy in a black hoodie with dark shades on. ya um a regular coffee.Sure i said is that all yes. I told him the total and then he payed, that voice sounded very familiar?

    Once my shift was over i began to walk home when i bumped into  the man with the hoodie and shades. I fell on the floor. Do you need help? he asked taking his shades off. You again! no i do not need help from anyone and most definitley not you so fuck off. I was just trying to help you well you can help by leaving i just want to be cool with you____? Ruby my name is ruby but my name shouldn't be in your mouth. You are a very cheeky boy. He blushed well thanks. It wasn't a compliment. I walked away leaving him alone.

   I went to my flat and invited Zach for dinner and told Giselle and Zach the whole Harry thing and Giselle almost killed me for telling Harry to fuck off. Then i went to sleep weirdly dreaming of Harry Styles?


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