You again?


4. Getting to know him

(Ruby's part)

   The next day after my shift Harry was there waiting for me. What do you want? i asked annoyed i want us to get to know each other why if i don't care to know about you. I was born in Cheshire, auditioned for x-factor, i love singing, am in the boy band One Direction, have a sister named Gemma, and i am almost all the time on tour. How about you? If i tell you will you leave me alone? I can't promise anything. Fine I'm from Texas, I have a mother and a father no siblings, i am going to college for a dance career, and live with my friend Giselle who is your biggest fan. Now i have to go bye you flirt.

(Harry's part)

    Everyday she made me want her more and more there was something special about her i just didn't know what it was. Maybe it was all the little things? Her sarcasm her Big Brown eyes, her perfect lips. I don't know maybe she seemed so mysterious. I also think that it's because she's playing hard to get but i'll get her one way or another i will have her for me and no one else.

  I walked into the living room and began to tell the boys all about her and how beautiful she was and how she probably didn't even notice. Hazza has a crush Niall started. I do not i screamed! Yes you do they all began and i blushed i felt my cheeks burn and they turned many shades darker as they continued i do not i continued to say but no one would listen to me. Louis began Harry and what's her name? Ruby! i screamed. Harry and Ruby sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Real mature Lou.

 (Ruby's part)

  I told them all about Harry and they began to tease me and i felt myself blush real badly.

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