You again?


2. Clubbing


OMG! I think i saw Harry Styles just walk by me! OMG! OMG! OMG! Calm down you probably just imagining it because you think about that guy way too much. I think it's unhealthy for you. What? I swear i  saw him Ruby. I think we should go home that's in of clubbing. No! i mean i'm fine i promise. You sure? Yes. K see you later. I need to find Harry i know i saw him he was here.

   Where could he be? I know i saw him just a few minutes ago. Could i really be going crazy? No! I didn't imagine that i am perfectly sane. Right? Should i go to the doctor tomorrow? No what is Ruby making me think i am perfectly Sane she is the one with problems not me not me at all. I think i just saw him again. I guess she's right i should leave now.

    (Rub'y part)

    Giselle! Giselle! where has this girl gone? Heyy you wanna dance? Why not. As i was dancing i felt the guys hands wander my body and it started to make me feel uncomfortable. Umm. You wanna sit down now? No i'm fine. But i'm starting to get really tired. But we just began to dance. I need a drink. I slipped away and drank some Vodka. I decided to finally leave.

    As I was walking out i saw a guy with curly hair making out with this blonde haired girl but i payed no attention. Then all of a sudden the same guy I was dancing with grabbed me and started to pull up my dress and i began to scream and the curly haired boy walked up to him and punched him. Thanks . Your welcome. 

    I continued to make my way out of the club. When i was out i began walking to my flat but someone stopped me. Hi my name is Harry, Harry Styles. Is that suppose to impress me? It should have. Well i don't like flirts they bet on my nerves and obviously you are one of them so don't you start with me i said as i walked away. Fine! But i think you beautiful. Well thank! grrrr flirts,

     I arrived at my flat and noticed Giselle asleep on the couch. If I told her about what happen today and what i told "The" Harry Styles she would kill me then die after. My friend was soo in love with him. I guess she was right he was at the club last night what an annoying flirt.

     I took a hot shower to clear my mind put on a tank top and pj pants and went to sleep. I would be hearing alot of screaming tomorrow and i needed to be ready for it.




(Could you please comment what you so far think about it if i should continue or not and if so far it's good or bad and if you like it could you plz favorite it thanks:) )

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