You again?


6. Again? part 2

(Liam's part)

  I was dancing with this nice girl i had just met her name is Joanna, when i saw Ruby walking towards the restroom. I remembered today when she saw Harry at the store she seemed to have a crush on him. As she was walking to the restroom i remembered Harry was by the storeroom making out with some girl. another one night stand. I ran to try to stop her from seeing that but i was too late.

  She had seen Harry and was already making her way out of the club. Hazza didn't know that he had just ruined his chance with her.


  (Harry's part)

  I woke up and decided that before going to the recording studio we should go buy some coffee. I took a ride with Liam to starbucks. I decided that i would be the one to go in and order since i knew that today she had first shift. I walked in and didn't see her. I asked if she was there. The guy at the cashier told me that she didn't come today. I just said O and walked out.

  As i walked back into the car Liam asked me where the coffee was i told him that i had forgotten and that we should get going or we would be late.

  All day I couldn't stop thinking about her. While we sang I could only think of her. Could i really like her that much? Why was she always in my mind. She was just perfect no less than perfect did she know that i liked her? Should i tell her. Just then Paul interupted my thoughts and told us that in a month Ed would be having his birthday party and that we were invited. We were also required to bring dates.

  At that moment a lightbulb lit up in my head i would invite Ruby and i would pay for her dress. I wonder what she would think if i asked her. But first i would have to find her.

  (Ruby's part)

  I didn't go to work today i was too upset to even get up. I just couldn't bring myself to push past the fact that i had seen him kissing another girl. I thought i didn't like him i had already made it to obvious to myself that i did. I was watching tv when it came up that they were talking about how Harry had brought each day a different girl home. All week. Ughh  i had to make up my mind thats when i decided i wouldn't forgive him.

  I hope that i never have to see him again in 2 months they will be gone and back on tour. I won't have to see him ever again. I will be able to forget him. Now the problem was avoiding him for 2 more months?

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