You again?


1. About me and my friends

         My name is Ruby i live with my friend Giselle she is obsessed with One Direction me on the other hand could care less about them she ha always had an obsession with the curly haired one. I think his name is Zayn? I'm not sure but i know she's obsessed.

   I moved to Cheshire, England a couple of months ago i wanted to go to college here. I am from Dallas, 



Texas . Yup me and her are not from here even though the accent has caught on. I like it here my life id calm and peaceful without  my parents nagging me all the time i want to be a dancer but they wouldn't accept that so i moved. I work at Starbucks to pay my college. That's all about me.




   My name is Giselle i am Ruby's bestest friend we live together. I love love love One Direction unlike her. I moved away from America wanting to know how it would be here and it has been pretty amazing i like it here it's gorgeous. My dream date would be Harry Styles but he doesn't even know it.


  My name is Zach i am Ruby's other Best friend i live next door to them. I will always protect Ruby from harm no matter what. I'm from London, England but i moved to Cheshire two years ago i was Ruby's tour guide that's how we met i also work with her at Starbucks.





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