My Imagines Go In One Direction

Hey guys I'm going to start doing some one shots so could you please leave your name, the 1d boy you would like, hair colour, eye colour and age thanks Taylor and if you could please favourite and like!


23. Zayn for Katy

As I stood in my room looking at myself I pointed out to myself that I was just going to Zayn’s my best friends he didn’t care what I looked like he liked someone else anyways, it was just like every other Friday night, no big deal.i mentally went over what I needed to take to make sure I had everything, but my mind started to wander, it went to earlier today.

“so, um…I…are you still coming tonight?” Zayn asked, and he was strangely nervous, as we walked home from school like every other day.

“what?” I asked confused.

“are you still coming to my place tonight for dinner and movies?” he asked as he looked away from me a little and fiddled with his fingers.

“of course I am!” I said laughing “why wouldn’t I? I always do!” I said laughing which seemed to calm him down a little “what’s up?” I asked as I knocked his arm with my elbow.

“um…nothing just a little off today, that’s all” he said smiling his famous smile that always melted my heart a little and made me smile back “Katy, can I ask you something?” he said looking shy, not him at all.

“no I will not do your homework for you!” I said laughing and he just smiled a little.

“not what I was going to ask, but always good to know” he said as his real smile re-turned and he gave me a wink.

“ok I guess if that wasn’t your question, yes you can ask me something” I said smiling.

“how would you tell someone you like them?” he asked, I stopped and so did my heart “what? You ok?” he asked as he turned around to look at me. I didn’t know what to do or say my heart dropped a little and I just shook my head and kept walking.

“um, well it depends on the girl” I said quietly “if they are girly they like flowers and the whole sh-bang, but if they are simple like me, they just like simple, just tell ‘em don’t beat around the bush” I said as we reached my house I gave him a small smile and started walking up my drive.

“ok” he said backing away “see you tonight!” he said as I reached my door. I gave him a small smile and a wave.

I shook my head as I came back from my thoughts, I never knew he liked someone, he should have told my before we always tell each other everything. I was still thinking about this when my mum came in.o

“aren’t you going to Zayn’s?” she asked looking at her watch and her face turn to confusion.

“yup what time is it?” I asked picking up my bag with the movies in it.

“it’s six” she said laughing a little at me.

“shoot!” I said running out of my room and down the stairs almost tripping over myself. it is a five minute walk to Zayn’s but I usually leave at 5:50 because I walk slow. But this time I ran, and I think I set a world record.

“I didn’t think you were coming!” Zayn said with a nervous laugh as he opened the door after I knocked.

“of course I came! I was just late getting ready, that’s all” I said with a smile as I walked in and put my bag down.

“you…um you look nice” Zayn said awkwardly as he shuffled his feet and messed up his hair. For some reason I had the urge to take his hand and reassure him of something, I shook my head a little and looked down, I was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts with some flats, nothing different than what I usually wear.

“um, thanks?” I said with a little laugh “oh!” I said picking my bag back up and looking for one of the movies I brought “I have your fav movie!” I said laughing as I took out P.S I Love You “I know how much you love it so I thought we should watch it again!” I said handing it to him and he just laughed.

“you know me to well Katy!” he said walking into the living room to set up the D.V.D player.

“so where is everyone?” I asked sitting down and putting my feet on the table in front of me.

“oh, they, um they went out for a bit so it’s just us tonight” he said standing up and walking into the kitchen.

“does that mean we have to eat McDonald's?” I said laughing.

“hey, I can cook!” he said poking his head out and laughing.

“sense when?” I said laughing some more and turning my attention to the screen to watch some pre-views.

“well…since now!” he said laughing as he came out with two plates of food.

“ok I have known you 14 of my 16 years here and you were never able to cook, so if I die from this I hope you know I am taking you out of my will” I said with a serious face and he just laughed and sat beside me.

“ok cool but if you die I most likely will die to so it’s no biggy” he said handing me my plate with what looked like a taco on it, and laughing at me.

“ahhh, nice tacos!” I smiled.

“no” he said looking serious “it’s a salad” he said smiling.

“oh shush the movies about to start!” I said as he quickly got up and turned the light off and sat back down, but this time he was close to me.


“Katy?” Zayn asked about half way through the second movie.

“yup?” I said not really taking my attention of the screen.

“how…i…ok this is hard for me to say” he said looking from me to his hands and he looked like he didn’t understand what to say.

“what are you talking about?” I asked fully turning to him “is this about what you asked me today? How to tell someone you like them? Do you want to ask someone out next Friday? Cause if you do it’s ok, I won’t be mad a-“ I said and was cut off by Zayn quickly moving forwards and crashing his lips to mine. At first it was weird, I mean it was nice but he’s my best friend, after I realized I was kissing him back I also realized I liked Zayn, not just liked it felt like more that a crush. That was it, I was in love with my best friend.

“I’m sorry” he said after he pulled away “actually no, I’m not I have been waiting so long to do that to be sorry” he said not looking at me but I was smiling “ok I need to say this,” he said taking a deep breath “Katy I’m in love with you, totally and completely head over heels in love and I can’t stay quiet about it anymore, it hurts to much to hear you talk to your friends about cute guys, I’m sorry if you don’t feel the same way but it, it just needs to be said” he said not looking up till he was done, I was still smiling and he smiled too.

“Zayn,” I said smiling even more “I feel the same way, and it sucks that it took you kissing me to finally realize it” I said laughing a little.

“so we like each other?” he asked smiling and I nodded “good” he said before he kissed me again.

“where does this leave us?” I asked as we pulled away once more.

“well, would you like to be my girlfriend?” Zayn asked smiling his amazing smile that was contagious.

“I thought you wouldn’t ask” I said as I leaned in and kissed my boyfriend.

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