My Imagines Go In One Direction

Hey guys I'm going to start doing some one shots so could you please leave your name, the 1d boy you would like, hair colour, eye colour and age thanks Taylor and if you could please favourite and like!


11. Zayn for Arooba

“Zayn is stuck up on the roof, we’ve tried persuading him off of the ledge, but he’s not having any of it. He won’t listen to us, Arooba. You’re our only hope.”

The cold chill of winter sent a hard breeze of frosty air my way, causing my skin to pucker and teeth to chatter upon instant contact, when I burst through the emergency fire escape doors. I shivered as I crossed my arms in front of my chest, trying to make some sort of make-shift barrier from the harsh cold.

My throat tightened as I slit my eyes against the flurry of snow whipping in every which way, making it hard for me to find a dark familiar outline amongst the large fields of white.

The snow crunched under my feet as I started to slowly make my way over to one of the roofs’ ledges’. It become evident that the more close I was to approaching the ledge, the more apparent it was that there was in fact a person sitting directly on it. They looked to be a little too close to the edge for my liking.

I came to a slow stop directly behind him, holding my breath as I analyzed everything I could from my backside view. From what I could hear, his breathing was shallow, and when I looked down to see where his hands were, he looked to be gripping a clear bottle of amber liquid like his life depended on it. I thought about how dangerous my next actions would be, but I thought against them. He needs you right now, Arooba, suck it up.

I slid one of my legs over the edge, sitting down on the wet snow so the front of me was directly facing his side, straddling the wide set ledge tight between my legs. I may have had a sudden boost of confidence, but my fear of heights wasn’t about to waver too thin.

“Zayn?” I tried in a soft tone, taking in the dark rings under his eyes, wishing I could wipe them away with my touch.

“Arooba” The minute I heard how hollow his voice was, I cringed. The usual animated Zayn, my beautiful nerdy Zayn, the one that never seemed to stop talking when you got him to start was not in front of me right now. No, this was not my Zayn.

This person in front of me was a complete stranger. His usually kempt hair was a disarray of flat black upon his head, the usual sparkle in his caramel coloured eyes was dull and the beautiful colour within them was staring to fade. The confident puff in his chest was replaced with a pathetic shoulder slump.

This wasn’t him. It wasn’t, and so help me god, even if it kills me, I was going to get him out of this.

“Zayn, look at me” I commanded, placing my hands on the snow covered stone between us to lean in towards him, the distance between our faces just a breath of white steamy mist away.

I heard him swallow down nothing in particular, watching as his eyes closed slowly after the action.


I felt it before I saw his head start to shake from side to side.

“Would you just try to-” He cut my sentence off when he I watched him take a large pull of the clear brown liquid from the bottle in his hands.

I blinked at his obvious attempt of being deliberately rude. That’s when it all clicked. He was trying to tell me- us something. While the others and any other normal person would have given up at this point, they weren’t seeing the clear picture like I was.

Obviously, considering I wasn’t a normal living creature, I could do this. He wanted someone to try just a little harder for him. His complex being felt that –at this very moment- it deserved better than it was normally used to, and as fate would have it, I was the prefect person to provide him with that kind of attention.

“Fine, to desperate measures I’ll go” I closed my eyes, breathing in as much of the cold air as I could. It was a slow exhale, full of tension relieving and muscle relaxation. I let any kind of feeling free itself from my body, opening my eyes when I felt I was at full peace and ready to go through with what I had planned.

His eyes had been glued to my face the second I took a large breath, watching me with slight curiosity.

“You honestly don’t know the lengths I’d go to for you, huh?” I heard myself say in a faraway tone before I turned around, tucking both of my legs back onto the safe ground of the gravel floor. I gripped the edges of the cold stone, before hearing a sharp intake of breath beside me as I lay back against the wet stone, feeling a swift breeze of soft snow whip around my head and shoulders. I would be lying if I said I didn’t exactly feel free, letting a quarter of my body dangle from the edge of a very tall building, during a rather oddly quiet snow storm.

“Arooba” He said in a low warning tone.

“Ah, there it is…” I said in a slow tone, inching myself out a little further.

“Arooba, stop.”

“…you know, I don’t think I’m quite convinced yet…” I inched back as far as I could before I felt the back of my shins hit the cold rocky edge and my fingers grip onto the rough pavement by the fingertips.

“Fucking hell, Arooba, please…” I could no longer feel his presence beside me; in fact, I don’t think I could feel anything at this point. I lifted one of my boot clad feet in the air, holding myself steady with the leg that was still preventing me from falling completely off

“Have I got your attention now, Zayn” I was made to lift my other foot, but a powerfully aggressive tug on my legs had caught me in time, pulling me back completely from my doom, and into a freezing mass of snow as his body tackled me down into safe wet gravely grounds.

“Are you fucking mental!? That was just- you could have just-” He hovered over me, spluttering off into a series of undistinguishable tangents.

I covered his mouth with the palm of my hand, feeling the warmth of his harsh breathing bring feeling back into my numb hand. I looked up into his angry eyes, noticing the shiny glaze of unshed tears. It was a good few seconds before I watched his eyes start to blink rapidly, feeling the tear drops start to fall on my face. The minute my hand dropped from his quivering mouth, he dropped his head into the crook of my neck and let it all pour out against my skin.

“You know, you’re not the only one with problems babe” I said in a soft voice, clearing the silence that had happened after he quieted down. I almost thought he might have fallen asleep at times, but then again, the involuntary shivers that racked his body every once in a while would tell me otherwise.

He looked to be about as innocent as a child as he pulled back to hover over me again, looking down into my eyes with his wide and curious ones.

I blew out a cloud of thick white air near his face, rubbing my hands together to try and find some form of hot friction.

“Come on then, let’s get inside before we get frostbite or something worse” I said making my eyes dramatically wide, with a small smile on my face before I slid out from underneath him and jumped up, patting away at my dress to rid of the excess snow.

He seemed to be in a weird trance, his eyes were glazed over as they stared up at me in wonder.

I snapped my fingers in front of his face. “You, me, Harry, three mugs of caramel hot chocolate, and unnecessarily large marshmallows- oh, and a bunch of weird old Christmas cartoon specials. I couldn’t convince Harry otherwise to make his famous hot chocolate without sacrificing my soul and or freedom, so…” I trailed off, realizing what that last sentence might have sounded like.

I scrunched my nose up at that. “I just made Harry sound like the devil, didn’t I?” I asked, hoping to be answered.

I watched his eyes light up and mouth spread into a warm grin as he laughed. Knowing I was partly the reason for his whole face lighting up like that felt like a soft blanket of warmth spread around me. His smile was the most amazing thing in this world. I’d literally do anything to keep it there.

I smiled brightly at his contagious laughter, sticking my hand out to offer it for his. He placed his hand in mine, slowly lifting himself up. I was surprised when I felt his arm wrap around my shoulders, hugging me close to his side.

We pushed past the red steel doors, walking down the rusty metal steps of the dark dreary stairwell in complete silence before I heard him speak.

“Well, it’s a good thing I don’t have to sit through all of them-” I cut him off before his smug tone could go on any further.

“Hm, yeah, you see there’s only one little problem with that.”

“And why is that?”

“Because I sacrificed you too.”


“What!? His hot chocolate is that good, Zayn.”

“It better be.”

“…I love you, Z.”

“…I love you too, A.”

“And don’t ever scare me like that again, or else I’ll push you and your stupid whiskey bottle right off the ledge next time.”

“This coming from someone who thought she was a fucking bird hanging off a ledge like that, don’t you think your threat is a little hypocritical?”


“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

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